Hi, I'm Debbie Koenig.

I deliver smart, clean, lively prose that encourages readers without judgment, whether I’m working on features or content writing. My specialties:

• Food writing & recipe development
• Parenting & women’s issues
• Health, diet & nutrition

I may be writing a how-to for the perfect omelet for Weight Watchers magazine, a personal essay about raising a picky eater for The New York Times, or a fundraising auction catalog for the James Beard Foundation, but my work always weaves information into entertainment. Bonus: I’ve been writing for more than 20 years, and I’ve never missed a deadline.

I live in Brooklyn with my omnivorous husband and our stubbornly non-nivorous son.

Debbie Koenig is a freelance writer, content writer, and recipe developer
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“Debbie Koenig is dependable, smart, and succinct. She turns around stories—from assignment to edits—quickly and pleasantly. She understands tone, asks the right questions, and delivers on the mark pretty much every time. When we want a story handled completely without worrying about it, we call Debbie.”

Jen Wilson

Editor, Diabetic Living

“Debbie is such a pro, and a pleasure to work with! Her concepts, recipes, and writing are consistently of the highest quality—she's at once innovative, creative, and technically excellent. Debbie is a master with features, columns, and recipe development. And we've been so happy with her work in all these areas that this is our 10th year together!”

Lisa Chernick

Executive Food Editor, Weight Watchers magazine and weightwatchers.com

“Debbie is fantastic—professional, flexible, and dedicated. Her writing has a great tone—clear, without being stiff. And she’s thorough and persistent in her reporting. She’s a pleasure to work with!”

Julia Westbrook

Associate Nutrition Editor, EatingWell Magazine

“Debbie is a thoughtful reader and a terrific writer—I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Her work consistently delights editors and authors alike.”

Katie Burns

Advertising Director, Alfred A. Knopf

“Debbie is one of my most reliable, consistent freelancers (so much so that I would have outsourced this blurb to her if I could have, ha!). Her writing is always tailored to the tone and voice required by the client, and she can turn any subject into an engaging, relatable, and useful article—truly a delicate balance, especially when working on branded content. I assign her work whenever I can because she is a pleasure to work with, and her writing is a pleasure to read.”

Amanda Genge

Senior Editor, Branded Content, CafeMedia

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