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Cooking Up the Magic of Encanto


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Imagine a place where the coffee pot pours itself; warm, freshly made arepas (cornmeal cakes) have healing powers; and magic is everywhere. That’s life in the Encanto, a special place that’s the home of the extraordinary Madrigal family. Every member of the family has a unique gift, from super strength to the power to heal. Every member except Mirabel, that is. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.

Weight loss surgery gave Michael a new zest for life

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Growing up in a restaurant family, Michael Mancuso started working around food young. While his customers might be eating at 7pm, he wolfed down food late at night, after the crowd died down. That unhealthy pattern continued after he got married and became a father—his family often ate fast food and takeout. Michael, now 44 and living in Glen Cove, NY, went from being a big kid to an obese man. At 350 pounds, he suffered numerous health problems, and took many medications.



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Six to eight stories per issue, including interviews with key hospital staff and patients and healthy lifestyle advice.

No Stopping Her Now

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With her bouncy red curls and sunny disposition, 7-year-old Meghan Fogarty has a big personality. The outgoing little girl started Irish dancing at age 4, but now also enjoys ballet and tap, and playing soccer, too.

“I look at her now and think, ‘Wow, what did we go through?’” said her mom, Kareen, of Commack, NY. “I call her my miracle child.”

Your Kid Grows Up Fast. Here Are 3 Clever Ways Amazon Kids+ Keeps Up

Amazon Kids+

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 Preschoolers and middle schoolers don’t share a whole lot of interests. Here’s how to keep them entertained as they learn, no matter how old they are.

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get on Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kids+

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From books and movies to educational apps and games, captivate your kids with screen time you can feel good about.

Joan Dye Gussow: Leadership Award Winner

James Beard Foundation

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At 89 years old, Joan Dye Gussow doesn’t hesitate to claim her place within the food movement. “I was completely a renegade nutritionist when I entered the field,” she says. “I was talking about things that nobody else talked about, connecting the food system with eating.” Five decades after she joined the nutrition program at Teachers College, Columbia University, Gussow is still teaching there, still speaking out about flaws in the food system—and still inspiring a growing roster of food activists to follow in her footsteps.

Nora Pouillon: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

James Beard Foundation

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When Nora Pouillon decided to pursue organic certification for Restaurant Nora, her charming Washington, D.C., eatery, restaurant certification didn’t exist. So she invented it. “Back then she was the only person emphasizing that as the first and foremost quality of her cuisine,” says Patrick O’Connell, chef-proprietor of the Inn at Little Washington and a fellow leading advocate of local sourcing. Working with certifier Oregon Tilth, Pouillon spent two years establishing standards, and in 1999, with 95 percent of her ingredients certified organic, Restaurant Nora became the first officially certified restaurant in the United States. “She continued until it became not only fashionable but essential. And others followed,” adds O’Connell.

Good Carb, Bad Carb: Do You Know the Difference?

Which do you think will raise your blood sugar more gently: Eating a whole orange or downing a glass of orange juice? The answer comes down to the quality of the carbohydrates in each.

High-quality carbs contain more fiber, which helps slow your digestion and, in turn, keeps your blood sugar from spiking. Low-quality carbs have usually been processed or refined in some way, which may strip away most of that helpful fiber.

This means that, in this example—you guessed it—the whole orange is the way to go.

Do You Know Your Macros?

Surprise: carbs aren’t the only nutrients that matter when you have diabetes.

It’s helpful to understand the main type of macronutrients—also known as macros—that constitute any diet: carbohydrates, protein and fat. Dietary recommendations for people with diabetes mirror those for everyone else, with some key differences.