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Good Carb, Bad Carb: Do You Know the Difference?

Which do you think will raise your blood sugar more gently: Eating a whole orange or downing a glass of orange juice? The answer comes down to the quality of the carbohydrates in each.

High-quality carbs contain more fiber, which helps slow your digestion and, in turn, keeps your blood sugar from spiking. Low-quality carbs have usually been processed or refined in some way, which may strip away most of that helpful fiber.

This means that, in this example—you guessed it—the whole orange is the way to go.

Do You Know Your Macros?

Surprise: carbs aren’t the only nutrients that matter when you have diabetes.

It’s helpful to understand the main type of macronutrients—also known as macros—that constitute any diet: carbohydrates, protein and fat. Dietary recommendations for people with diabetes mirror those for everyone else, with some key differences.


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Gala Auction Catalog

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For the Beard Foundation’s annual fundraiser auction, 100+ item descriptions for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, dining, travel, wine, travel, and more.

Joan Dye Gussow: Leadership Award Winner

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At 89 years old, Joan Dye Gussow doesn’t hesitate to claim her place within the food movement. “I was completely a renegade nutritionist when I entered the field,” she says. “I was talking about things that nobody else talked about, connecting the food system with eating.” Five decades after she joined the nutrition program at Teachers College, Columbia University, Gussow is still teaching there, still speaking out about flaws in the food system—and still inspiring a growing roster of food activists to follow in her footsteps.

Nora Pouillon: Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

James Beard Foundation

When Nora Pouillon decided to pursue organic certification for Restaurant Nora, her charming Washington, D.C., eatery, restaurant certification didn’t exist. So she invented it. “Back then she was the only person emphasizing that as the first and foremost quality of her cuisine,” says Patrick O’Connell, chef-proprietor of the Inn at Little Washington and a fellow leading advocate of local sourcing. Working with certifier Oregon Tilth, Pouillon spent two years establishing standards, and in 1999, with 95 percent of her ingredients certified organic, Restaurant Nora became the first officially certified restaurant in the United States. “She continued until it became not only fashionable but essential. And others followed,” adds O’Connell.

A Genius Trick to Make Weeknight Meals Easier

Procter & Gamble

Next time you let a professional do the cooking—say ordering in Chinese or Italian food, or just going out to a favorite local restaurant—why not strategically order a little extra to make dinner easier the next day? You can transform almost any type of leftovers into something completely new—and most of the time, the other ingredients will be in your pantry already. Your family will love these doggie bag do-overs, and you’ll love the time saved.

Olivier de Schutter: Leadership Award Winner

James Beard Foundation

When it comes to big-picture views of the food world, few people can claim a better perch than Olivier De Schutter. He spent six years, from 2008 to 2014, as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, charged with gathering and reporting back food-related insights from around the world. In that time he visited 13 countries and undertook missions for the World Trade Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations— all while continuing his work as a professor of human rights law. Those research trips led him to issue food-centric reports on intersecting subjects as disparate as land usage, agroecology, gender, climate change, and the agriculture-food health nexus.

8 Helpful Phrases to Use When Talking to Your Child’s Teacher

Procter & Gamble

At some point, every child has a problem at school, whether academic or social. And when that happens, your relationship with your child’s teachers can make all the difference. If you approach them as partners rather than adversaries, you’re much more likely to resolve problems in a way that actually helps your child.

The Baked Potato Bar: Your New Favorite Weeknight Dinner

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Few dinnertime building blocks offer as many possibilities as the humble baked potato. Those fluffy insides accommodate endless combinations of toppings—set out bowls filled with almost anything, and even your pickiest eater can find something to satisfy. My guy takes his with plenty of salt, butter, olives, and mozzarella cheese—a combination I’d never consider for myself, but that’s the beauty of the baked potato bar: To each his own!

How I Learned to Love My Curly Hair

Procter & Gamble

I’m a Brady Bunch kid. The show went into syndication when I was in fourth grade, airing every afternoon. I’d race home from school and plop myself down in front of the TV, enthralled by the fresh-faced family and especially Marcia’s pin-straight hair. I know exactly how Jan felt when she cried, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” That character represented perfection, and with my chubby cheeks and frizzy, mousy brown hair, I knew I’d never attain it.

5 Reasons You Can’t Sleep—and 5 Fast Fixes

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It’s bedtime, you’re tired, and yet you can’t sleep. Or maybe you drift off easily, but 3AM finds you wide-awake, desperate to catch what remains of your 40 winks. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 57% of women experience insomnia a few times a week—and a whopping 74% of stay-at-home moms report having symptoms. In many cases, the causes are clear. A few simple fixes may be all you need to sleep soundly again:

12 Thanksgiving Desserts You Can Eat During the Game

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After a long, leisurely holiday meal, the last thing you want to do is sit at the table for another half hour over dessert. No, you want to watch the game! To make that possible, we’ve gathered a baker’s dozen mini-pies, autumnal desserts, and pumpkin-spiced treats that don’t need a fork, or your full attention. Invite everyone to pile a few onto their plates and join the family in time for kickoff.

6 Simple Tricks to Help You Avoid Being Late

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Do your friends and family jokingly complain that you’re late, again? Well…they’re probably not joking. We know you’re busy, so we won’t waste precious time lecturing you. After all, you probably already understand, deep down, that chronic lateness is harming your relationships and maybe your career. Instead, we’re sharing some simple ways to trick yourself into punctuality.