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  1. Anonymous

    You said,"No need for meat! Don’t get me wrong: Neither S nor I has any intention of giving up meat out of any false sense of virtue—we’re not doing this to be holier-than-thou."

    So, people who don't eat meat are all doing it out of a "false sense of virtue", then?

    Shame on you.

    I don't eat meat because I love animals.

    Is that alright with you?

  2. debbie koenig

    Of course it's all right with me! I said that *Stephen and I* weren't doing it out of any false sense of virtue. That doesn't mean I think vegetarians are. Way to misinterpret.

    But thanks for the shame.

  3. Anonymous

    I know this is way late… but I wanted to let you know I'm a vegetarian and read this post and didn't find your comment offensive at all 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    helllo i liked this because im doing a school project about vegetables and this really inspired me thanks for righting it anyways. By the Way im another anonymous not the first person ok.

  5. debbie koenig

    Thanks for clarifying, anonymous #3! And thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. mailinda

    I think I will try your black bean recipe – sounds simple and easy. Thanks for sharing it. It would be great with brown rice or even a whole wheat pasta 🙂

    I ditched MOST processed food two months ago (for me, that's like going from 2k calories a day of processed food to more like 500 calories a day) and have lost 8 pounds in two months. Goal is to lose 30 pounds and get myself to 130.

    But like you, there are weeks where I lose nothing. Even more frustrating, there are weeks where I lose nothing but my pants are looser.

    I finally had my spouse take a picture of me (God love him) and I can SEE where my weight loss is.I found that EXTREMELY motivating – you might want to try it.

    So I think it's important not to rely on the scale too much – if at all.

  7. debbie koenig

    I agree, Mailinda. Congratulations on your achievement! And now I'm curious, since this is the second comment I've received on this old post in the last few hours–did you find it via a link from somewhere?

  8. Ron S. Doyle

    I love rude anonymous comments. They make me giggle. Guess it's a good thing that Anonymous #1 doesn't love plants—otherwise they'd starve to death. 😉

    My wife and I switched to a plant-based diet in June. You could say we're vegan, but certainly not Vegan—I still own leather shoes, eat honey, and let the occasional slice of bacon jump into my mouth.

    We changed because there's heart disease and diabetes in our families and vegan diets have been used as a successful treatment for both. We also changed because, well, meat is expensive and we didn't need it.

    I've lost 15 lbs and the change has invigorated me in the kitchen— I love learning new low-fat tricks, like using vegetable broth instead of butter for sauteing onions.

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  10. marisa

    Looks tasty! Can’t wait to try these recipes out. I searched for vegetable dinner on Google (no quotes) and this was the 2nd hit. Must be good!

  11. BJ

    Hello Debbie. I own your book and love it. One point though– in though the book and the website recipe for the gazpacho you list vegetable juice as an ingredient, but the instructions never say to add it. I assume I’m just supposed to pour it in there but I was too tired tonight to make that assumption so I didn’t do anything with the veggie juice. The gazpacho tastes good without it. 🙂 can you clear up the mystery of the veggie juice?

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