3 responses to “Broiled (or Grilled) Ravioli”

  1. Anonymous

    They appear to be dry – when you place them in the broiler I would coat them with either some olive oil or butter, and then put a little water in your dish to give moisture to the oven while they cook. THat appears to be why they were a little dry…

  2. NuMystic

    Just had Roasted Ravioli at a new place called Queens Kickshaw and was so inspired by it that I came home to try and find recipes which landed me here.

    As for what you might have missed, I think your misstep was actually boiling the ravioli first. Not sure what the ones you had were like, but texturally I’m quite certain that the ones we enjoyed tonight were never boiled.

    This recipe for Grilled ravioli has them going directly on the grill after being brushed with oil as suggested in the other comment.


    The key of course is getting fresh ravioli that has never been dried, either made locally or in the refrigerator/freezer section. This means you don’t have to go through the rehydration step of boiling.

  3. tom

    litely spray or brush, put them in the broiler,watch carefully. serve with warm olive oil and garlic on the side with fresh bread and long hot peppers. also try tortallini.

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