2 responses to “Fish for Non-Fish Eaters”

  1. Nailkita

    Sounds like a great recipe I'll have to dry for it, my significant other isn't big on fish either (outside of sushi for some odd reason) I'll have to try this.

    As for the sticking issue, I know this is the case with Scallops so it might be your problem here, be patient, don't flip or stir too early once it's fully seared on the side touching the pan it should pull away more easily.

    or… instead of oiling the pan, toss the fish in the amount of oil you plan to use first(this may work better with the way that recipe is)

  2. debbie koenig

    Thanks for the tips, Nailkita! Patience is something I definitely lack in the kitchen, so I probably do rush this. Every single time.

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