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  1. debbie koenig

    You may know, I lost all my pre-June 09 comments in the redesign. For certain posts, I think the conversation is important enough that I'll copy and paste them here. Please, add your two cents!


    great way to teach a class, it seems as though you provided really good details on important kitchen staples. I tend to think everyone does everything the same way I do – this is a great lesson that each person comes to cooking from a different place.

    Gudrun | | Email | Homepage | 04.21.09 – 10:17 pm | #

    Love this post, Debbie!!! Perfect reminder for this soon to be mom of 3 under 4!!!
    Kristin | | 04.22.09 – 9:03 am | #

    Gudrun, now I'm curious: How do you do things differently? I'd love to hear about other tips/tricks!

    Kristin, good luck! I'm one of four & I can't imagine my mom did it–I have such a struggle with one toddleriffic toddler. Glad this post is helpful!
    debbie | | Homepage | 04.22.09 – 9:15 am | #

    Debbie, I love your blog and I think you have my dream job with teaching mom's how to cook healthy for the fam. Love it!!
    Leah Hatton | | Email | 04.22.09 – 11:07 am | #

    I happened upon your wonderful blog while looking for a recipe for pomegranate chicken. I would add garbanzo bean flour and coconut vinegar. I also like to use dry vermouth in white wine recipes and keep it in my pantry. You would be very at home in my kitchen. I have almost everything on your list. Also, nuts last almost indefinitely if stored in the freezer.
    Marilyn | | Email | Homepage | 04.22.09 – 10:00 pm | #

    Hi Leah, thanks for stopping by! I think I might have *my* dream job, too, now.

    Marilyn, I'd love to hear more about garbanzo bean flour & coconut vinegar–I've never cooked with either. How do you use them, and why do you recommend them?
    debbie | | Homepage | 04.22.09 – 10:24 pm | #

  2. debbie koenig

    More comments, imported from pre-redesign…


    Hi Debbie!
    You can check out one of my blogs at
    The garbanzo bean flour is used in the Baked Halibut and the coconut vinegar in Kohlrabi Coleslaw. Good luck on the new school! I am shut in just like a new mom who needs a babysitter to go shopping, but my mom is at home on hospice.
    Marilyn | | Email | Homepage | 04.23.09 – 1:43 pm | #

    Hi Debbie! I'm so happy your class was a success! Over passover I told my family about your amazing ratatouille. Good Luck with the rest of the classes. Leah
    Leah Lein | | Email | 04.23.09 – 7:21 pm | #

    I just stumbled on your blog the other day when looking for Weight Watchers-friendly spaghetti and meatballs recipes and couldn't stop reading! Would you recommend getting pre-minced garlic or ginger? Is there that big a difference between that and the fresh stuff when you are just aiming for "good enough"?
    Traci | | Email | 04.26.09 – 4:38 am | #

    Marilyn, that fish looks wonderful! I'm sorry to hear about your mom–we went through hospice with my FIL a few years ago. Very difficult. My thoughts are with you.

    Leah, hello! So glad to hear you're still thinking about that ratatouille. Tomorrow's class is about using the slow cooker, so we'll be talking about it.

    And Traci, hello and welcome! I think that when we're talking about "good enough" cooking, things like pre-minced garlic and ginger are just fine. Peeling & chopping garlic and ginger are quick and easy for me, so I've never tried them, but my parents are big fans. Whatever helps you get dinner on the table!
    debbie | | Homepage | 04.26.09 – 9:26 am | #

    Nice list, very handy and close to what I always keep on hand. My little one is almost 14 months. I have found frozen cut broccoli florets to be a godsend. They cook quickly, I know he'll always eat them even if he's turning his nose up at vegetables and no stems. I also like sliced fruit in jars. It's usually in syrup, but I buy the very light syrup (no artificial sweeteners). Although I keep a lot of fruit on hand, the fruit slices are handy when I need a quick snack and don't have time to peel and prep and apple, for instance. Just some additional ideas.
    Shannon | | Email | Homepage | 04.28.09 – 4:26 pm | #

    Excellent additions, Shannon! I keep natural applesauce (no sugar added) on hand for Harry, and lately he's been on a pineapple kick so I have little shelf-stable snack packs of tidbits in juice. (Of course if you're a new-new mom, you won't need either of those things for a few months yet.)
    debbie | | Homepage | 04.28.09 – 7:36 pm | #

  3. debbie koenig

    aaaand the last of the pre-redesign comments. Now, please, add yours!


    Hey Debbie, I think I need to create a religion that worships this list. What a great resource.

    A few things I'd add to this great collection of essentials – coconut milk is a big one in our house. We use it to plump up the TJ's curry simmer sauces, and one of Eamon's favorite dishes since forever is rice cooked using 1/2 coconut milk & 1/2 water, with a can of black beans and some cinnamon mixed in at the end. Good caloric addition for skinny kids! Also, romaine hearts and red cabbage – they keep forever and can be chopped up or julienned into a simple chopped salad in a flash. We also pretty much swear by Soyaki, the TJ's version of the Veri Teri teriyaki sauce. Real ingredients, saves a ton of ginger/garlic chopping time, and makes a fabulous instant marinade or stirfry sauce.

    Totally coming back for more! Thanks!
    Jody | | 04.28.09 – 11:31 pm | #

    I must be doing something right because my freezer and pantry look a lot like yours already!

    One thing I would add is frozen, shelled edamame. I throw it in all kinds of things–including boxed mac & cheese–for a good, meatless protein boost!
    Shaye | | Homepage | 05.05.09 – 10:11 pm | #

    True confession: I've never in my life bought a can of coconut milk. Sounds like I need to start.

    And yes, Soyaki rocks! Good call, Jody.

    Shaye, I keep edamame in my freezer too. I just forget to use it, which defeats the purpose.

    I did think of another freezer staple: Eggo Nutrigrain Waffles. Whole grain waffley goodness, fresh from the toaster. Top with frozen blueberries and maple syrup (the real stuff, not Aunt Jemima) and you're golden.
    debbie | | Homepage | 05.06.09 – 9:05 am | #

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