Oh Ye of Little Faith

Oh Ye of Little Faith

Well, it appears some of my readers were skeptical. Someone, who shall remain nameless (cough cough Rachel cough), left a comment that struck me as somewhat challenging, perhaps even suggesting that I misled you, dear readers. That I didn’t have Harry, sweet angelic Harry (cough cough monster cough) pull the winners’ names from his hat.

Well, unnamed reader, the proof is in the pictures:

Here he is holding up winner number one’s name:

And, oh what’s this? Yes, it’s winner number two:

Here, in case you still don’t trust me, is a closeup of the winners’ names:

Becky and Amy, mazel tov! You’ve each won a copy of Too Many Cooks: Kitchen Adventures with 1 Mom, 4 Kids, and 102 Recipes by Emily Franklin. I’ll be sending it your way later this week, so it’ll be in your prize-winning arms by the on-sale date, 4/28.

Meanwhile, Harry the prize-puller couldn’t care less about this whole thng. He was just excited to have a whole hat full of paper scraps to throw around the apartment.

One final shot, to prove that it was, indeed, junior’s hat:

(Rachel, dear:

You know I kid, don’t you? I love my readers! And I apologize for any world-wide-web-wide embarrassment this little blog post may have caused you.)

In honor of this whole fantastic sweepstakes-giveaway-contest-thingy, tonight I’m cooking from Too Many Cooks for the first time. It’s barely even a recipe, but that’s what I like about this book.

Sesame Broccoli
From Too Many Cooks: Kitchen Adventures with 1 Mom, 4 Kids, and 102 Recipes
There are no measurements for this—just eyeball and shake.

1 head broccoli, cut into big florets
sesame oil
sea salt
red pepper flakes (if desired)

Steam broccoli until just cooked through. Put into container (or back into the pot in which you just steamed it). Drizzle with sesame oil, sprinkle with sea salt and a dash of pepper flakes. Cover and shake a few times so that each piece is flavored and coated. Serve with brown rice, top with sliced scallions.