11 responses to “Black & White Cookies”

  1. Kelsey B.

    Oooh, delicious. I LOVE these cookies and am always looking for a recipe to use at home. Now I have one I know will be delicious!

  2. Amber

    Finally! Was waiting for these photos, you know, to torture myself. Adding these cookies to my "things to make when I'm not pregnant and can stuff myself full of sugar again" list. Your gooey frosting looks better than the dried out version I see in the bakeries around here. I've actually NEVER had one of these.

  3. debbie koenig

    Kelsey, this recipe is indeed a good one! Not 100% accurate texture-wise, as I said in the post, but the flavors are there.

    Amber, you've never had one?!?! I think it's more of an east coast thing, possibly even an NYC thing. Have that baby already so you can eat some!

  4. Stephanie - Wasabimon.com

    These are gorgeous! I wonder if the recipe could easily be made gluten free?

  5. WordyDoodles

    I think it's an East Coast thing, because I remember seeing these in delis in DC but don't think I've ever had one (or at least, a good one).

    I really want to try this now!

  6. Alejandra

    I've always loved the white half more than the chocolate, too!! I've never tried making them, but I think I'll have to now!

  7. debbie koenig

    Stephanie, I have zero experience with gluten-free recipes. Wish I could help! I assume you're familiar with http://glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com/?

    Wordy & Alejandra, if you do make them, please report back! I always like to hear about other people's experiences with these recipes.

  8. Carrie

    I have a similar abiding passion for black and white cookies. As Seinfeld said, "look to the cookie." The recipe I've been using is from Nancy Bagget's All-American Cookie book, which is a great resource. Her recipe has some sour cream in the cookie part, which is a nice balance to the icing and works well with the lemon.

  9. debbie koenig

    Thanks for the book rec, Carrie–I'd never heard of that one, but I just ordered it from Amazon. Can't resist cookie cookbooks.

  10. chanda

    I have a rather embarrassing confession to make. I just made these cookies. After I put them in the oven, so proud of myself, I realized I had forgotten to put the milk in the cookies!! I let them bake and iced them anyway. They turned out really tasty (though a little crunchy!) and I can only imagine how good they will be when I make them correctly!!

  11. debbie koenig

    Oh no, Chanda! They must be quite different–but I sometimes find a serendipitously good recipe tweak thanks to forgetfulness.

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