Have you heard about Food52 yet? It’s an ingenious web-site-cum-cookbook, created by Amanda Hesser (food writer at the New York Times) and Merrill Stubbs (a freelance food writer). The idea is simple: Each week for a year, Hesser & Stubbs invite all of us to submit our best recipes, in 104 different categories (two per week). They winnow down the entries and select two finalists for each, which we then get to vote on. Winners will appear in a Food52 cookbook, coming from HarperStudio. If that’s not clear, here’s a much more thorough explanation.

See, I said it was ingenious.

And the cool news, from my own perspective? This week my recipe for Gazpacho with Honeydew & Peppadew is a finalist! In the Cold Soups category, natch. Vote for it here, please.

(Still working on that Black & White Cookies post, by the way. It’s coming. I promise.)