12 responses to “In Which Food Poisoning Leads to The Easiest Cake Ever”

  1. Anonymous

    This cake looks really good and quite impressive given how you were feeling too. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Deborah

    The first thing I said when I saw the pic is, you talked to my mother-in-law! She makes this same cake – or a very similar-looking facsimile thereof, sans the "fancy" almond extract or lemon zest – all summer long. Jonah cries when there's no more left.

  3. Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

    Oh, man! I'm so sorry to hear about the tummy troubles. There is a pretty good "busy-day cake" recipe in my old checkerboard Better Homes and Gardens cookbook someone gave me when I got married.

  4. MarthaAndMe

    oh no! I'm so sorry about the food poisoning. I once got it from a vegetable pasta dish. Miserable. The cake looks great and it's nice to have an "easiest recipe ever" tucked away for use!

  5. baby cribs

    I am sorry about that tummy problem of yours. It caused so much to you. About the cake, it looks good and I was quite impressed about it. Easiest cake ever, that is.

  6. Joe

    Aww man, sorry for the poisening, haha i love the cake though!

  7. lark

    Oof, sorry about the food poisoning. But the cake was awesome–I made it with two containers of frozen peaches I stored away after buying 5 pounds of peaches in season, too many to eat fresh. I did have to bake it for longer; an hour was fine. And there's no way it served 8-12–my five-person gathering inhaled it.

    (longtime reader, first-time commenter)

  8. debbie koenig

    Just realized I never stopped by to thank you all for commiserating on my ailment! Your good thoughts are much appreciated.

    And Lark, thanks for finally commenting! I'm pretty sure I managed to get 8 pieces out of my cake, but that's because I was the only one eating it (!!!) and I didn't want to go overboard. 2 pieces/day x 4 days seemed perfectly reasonable 😉

  9. Jennifer Margulis

    Oh god, that sounds awful, just awful. I have a friend who almost died of food poisoning. But I'm glad the cake turned out so well (and your 3-year-old got to contribute a secret ingredient to it!)

  10. Christine at Origami Mommy

    Debbie, I'm sorry to hear you were sick! Yuck. But that cake is worth it. It's beautiful and I love how simple and easy it is. Definitely bookmarking this post! It reminds me of a summer fruit cake that a friend sent to me – I think it was in O magazine this past summer.

  11. Alisabow

    Wow– I wish I came up with stuff like that right after being sick. I'm not sure I would have even gotten out of bed, and the cake would have definitely come from a bakery. But this looks both beautiful and delicious. Hard to believe that it's easy, too.

  12. ReadyMom

    I'm with Alisabow, I'm impressed that you were up and making cake so soon after your run-in with food poisoning. I'm hoping that the haircut was a good one!

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