3 responses to “The Burg’s Got a New Cupcakery: Cupcakeland”

  1. snatchdracula

    I was walking past here at closing time last Saturday and they offered my friends and me a box of free/leftover cupcakes. I only had a bite of the coconut since I was already stuffed from dinner at Lodge, but it was awesome. The frosting was also cream cheese which worked pretty well and the base was nice and moist.

    ps. I live off the Graham stop on the L. I don't know you. I found your blog years ago (before I moved to New York, actually) via chocolate and zucchini. Anyway I love it. keep up the good work.

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  3. debbie koenig

    snatchdracula, if we're neighbors and you see me in the hood, introduce yourself! Someone did that recently and I was tickled pink. I'm off the Lorimer stop, but I'm up on Graham often enough–Emily's Pork Store in particular.

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