Parents Need to Eat Too

Perhaps the Stupidest Idea, Ever

Seriously. Ever. Some yahoo in the New York State Assembly has proposed an outright ban on the use of salt in restaurants throughout the state. As if it were even remotely possible to cook without salt. Clearly, the person who proposed this has never cooked anything in his or her life.

I am so embarrassed to be a New Yorker. First Spitzer, then Rangel, then Patterson, and now this.

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  1. As a Self-Confessed Saltaholic, I totally agree. Making mental note to throw my own salt shaker in my tote.

  2. Wow, that is a new one on me. Maybe they will outlaw glasses of water too, since you can drown in water.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous! Doesn't the stat assembly have bigger issues to deal with like the budget and corruption!

  4. What?? I just don't understand who these people are.

  5. Ooooh, and while they're at it they can redesign the hot dog, too. Idiotic.

  6. Salt makes every other flavor pop! What are they thinking???
    PS: love the blog.

  7. You're just kidding right? April Fools? Oh wait, it's March. That's outrageous! I mean, table salt is not even the issue – it's salt in processed food that's the main culprit.

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