4 responses to “Looking for Passover recipes? Look no further”

  1. theborekadiary

    Hi Debbie, I made a zucchini quajado, kind of a zucchini fritada te eat at breakfast on PAssover, try it. I totally sympathize with your dilema. Linda, http://www.theborekadiary.com

  2. DailyChef

    It always takes so long to go through old posts and retag or recategorize. Good job doing so!

  3. debbie koenig

    Linda, that sounds wonderful! I'm going to check your site for the recipe.

    And Daily, it did indeed take a while. But it helped me put off doing some actual work, so it's all good 😉

  4. Recipeman

    ha this sounds amazing. thanks
    passover is always a challenge

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