NYC’s Best Hot Dogs (family edition)

NYC’s Best Hot Dogs (family edition)

It’s a year old, but it’s too perfect not to use…

I know, I know. For members of the tribe this ain’t exactly a hot dog week. But my piece on the city’s best hot dogs is just out in Time Out New York Kids, and I thought you might like to see it. Y’know, so that next week, when we’re all happily eating bagels, pizza, and all things leavened, you’ll be prepared.

Truth be told, my favorite-favorite-favorite dog is outside the 5 boros. Rawley’s in Fairfield, CT. Oh. Magah. They’re deep fried, people. Until they explode. You must try.

Runner up, my hometown fave: Walter’s in Mamaroneck, NY. That roadside pagoda has given me more pleasure than most of my ex-boyfriends. It’s right across the street from Mamaroneck High School. 4 years of regular visits. My family is kosher, so for lunch I’d have fries and a freeze made with their house-made Italian ices, and salivate over my friends’ dogs. Wonder how I got so fat? (My tip: go for the double pup, two split-open, butter-griddled dogs on a single bun. Heaven.)

What’s your favorite dog?