4 responses to “Pumpkin-Ricotta Gingersnap Pie”

  1. Anonymous

    Ricotta and chard pasta. Saute two big bunches of chard (or spinach) with garlic and olive oil. Chop pretty finely. Stir into cooked pasta with ricotta, salt and pepper. Top with parmesan. My kids both LOVE this and it's super easy.

  2. Jenny

    I really this Pumpkin-Ricotta Gingersnap Pie 😛

    I've tried it twice, it really really delicious!

  3. Kiy

    I am late to the party but wanted to comment on the left-over ricotta issue. I *always* have it on hand – the part-skim stuff. We love wheat pancakes, especially for dinner. I add a scoop or so (depending on how many pancakes I am making) to the batter and stir in. It makes amazing pancakes, and makes me feel like I am doing better by my family than 'just' pancakes.

    Can't wait to try the pie recipe!

  4. Star of david

    The recipe Pumpkin-Ricotta Gingersnap Pie is very delicious and so attractable.

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