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  1. DailyChef

    Well done! Cleaning out and reorganizing a freezer can be so intimidating. I have to say, I feel a lot more comfortable with your new freezer than your old one 😛

  2. Zarah Maria

    Ah, the old freezer! You did well, Deb! Ours is a wee bit bigger than yours, and so my tip number one is that I have a note stuck to the freezer door where I jot down everything I put in there (or cross off the list when I take it out) This way, I always know what's in the freezer, even though I may not be able to find it straight away (unless SOMEONE forgot to tick it off the list when they took it out, shame, shame on them! 😉 ) It has really helped me not having things "die" an untimely and cold dead, and it's also great for planning next weeks meals: "hey honey, what's in the freezer? We need to use the…" Dinner planned!

    And of course, I ALWAYS label stuff that I put in. Almost always, ahem. And I try to keep things seperated, we have three drawers, so one is for baby food, one for ready-to-use stuff (already marinated meat, caseroles, meatballs, peas, tomato sauce, frozen pizza dough etc.) and one is for "stuff that needs more work to become edible" ie. frozen tenderloin or chicken carcasses (for stock) That's the plan – a lot of the time it's more a matter of: there's room, I'll just stick this in here…

  3. Sis

    I did gasp. lol.

    But mine's not much better. Especially since my hubby cooks for himself (he's on a low-carb diet) and after I get everything organized and walk away smiling to myself, the next day I open the door and 7 packages of meat fall out on me. LOL

    Looks like you have a fun blog. I linked over here from 17andbaking and am putting you on the "check regularly" list. 🙂

  4. Mrs Allardyce

    Wow I am glad I found your blog 🙂 I am so ashamed of my freezer that I am setting myself a challenge. Not to buy a single item for the freezer until at least until one freezer draw is cleared. I have three draws crammed to the brim with god knows what! In an ideal world I would want one just for baby food, and homemade items, one for BBQ items and the other for frozen veg etc. WISH ME LUCK! xx

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