4 responses to “Farro Pasta with Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, and Toasted Garlic”

  1. Claudine M. Jalajas

    I am totally making this.. I LOVE pasta dishes like this. LOVE it. I once made one with red bell peppers (sliced long and thin) black olives, some fresh oregano, and then topped with some feta.

  2. Tove

    If I wasn´t that full after just eating a pasta salad for lunch I´d run into the kitchen to cook this! I love pasta, but I love garlic more – and the two in combination – YUM!

  3. marthaandme

    I've never had farro pasta but would love to try it!

  4. debbie koenig

    I bought some dried farro pasta this weekend–can't wait to play with it!

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