19 responses to “Full-Spectrum Rainbow Cookies”

  1. Amber

    You are seriously a rockstar to even do this. I would never have the patience. I could eat them though. Easily.

  2. leslie

    What a fantastic blog! Man what I’ve been missing. Love the cookies and can’t wait to check out other recipes. Please put me on the blog list


  3. Alli Easley

    Your cookie recipe is now being passed all over Pinterest! WOOHOO! Thanks for this.



  4. Ann

    I never thought these could be made at home! I am impressed.

  5. Angela

    Yum! I have made a rainbow cake with 6 layers and rainbow cupcakes and even did a tie dye cake this past weekend but I have yet to try rainbow cookies. Not for long……!

  6. Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

    Well done for making these! LOVE the colors! I grew up eating them in NY. Your gift receivers are very lucky indeed.

  7. Tepary

    I keep coming back and thinking if I’m really up to this challenge. Could you send me out a sample? You know just to check.

  8. Arlene Whitfield

    WOW! You’re AH-MAZING! I’m a new die-hard fan! xoxoxoxo

  9. Tamara

    My kingdom for a gluten-free version of this recipe!!

  10. Bree

    Oh, no no no…I have your cookbook, I love your blog, so please know I’m coming from a good place. But, artificial colors are a nightmare for kids’ (and adults’)health. I cannot get behind this. Please do not encourage people to feed this to their children.

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