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The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Entire World, Updated (Just a Bit)

Seven years ago this month, in my early blogging days, I went on a mission. My goal: to create the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Seriously, EVER. Not only did it have to be chewy in the center and crisp around the edges, it also had to have the addictively toffee-like quality that only the very best cookies offer. And you know what? I think I did it. Over the years many, many people have agreed; that seven-year-old post has been the top draw on this site pretty much from the day I posted it. 

So perhaps it’s time to revisit, no? After baking several thousand of these babies, I’ve made a tweak or two to the technique—nothing earth-shattering, but just enough to make it a little bit easier, a little bit more devilishly irresistible. I’ve decided to leave most of the back-story since I think it’s kinda fascinating, and update the recipe. And because I can’t resist a bit of drama, I’ve also decided not to delete the last line of the recipe, which has inspired so much delicious feedback in the Comments.

My mission started when I tried to replicate City Bakery’s absolutely, undeniably, maddeningly perfect chocolate chip cookies, and failed. Mine were some yummy cookies, but not my own personal cookie nirvana: They turned out thin and crispy instead of thick-and-chewy-inside-crunchy-outside, and a little greasy to boot.

Taking a suggestion from a friend, I tried refrigerating the dough first. She told me she shapes hers into hockey pucks, then chills them before baking. Frankly, I’m a little too lazy for that, so I thought I’d try going the Pillsbury route by making a homemade cookie schlong:

It came in at an impressive 14 inches. I chilled the schlong for a good hour or two, then sliced and baked as usual—making my own version of the hockey puck shape. Strangely, the cookies were even thinner and crisper than before! Almost lacy. Absolutely delicious, mind you, but the exact opposite of what I was looking for.

Next I posted a query on eGullet, a profoundly fun and helpful site for all us foodies. Several generous people chimed in right away with suggestions, and I incorporated a few of them:

  1. Cream the butter and sugars together at the beginning, eliminating the initial creaming of the butter alone—apparently the double-creaming in the original recipe was a waste, and contributed to the flat greasy quality.
  2. Do all mixing on low speed, rather than medium—this made the butter-sugar mixture hold the flour differently, and spread out less.
  3. Refrigerate the dough (in bowl) before baking—this was an amalgam of my friend’s tip, and an eGulleter’s suggestion to freeze the dough first.

The result: PERFECTION. This is the chocolate chip cookie recipe of my dreams. Seriously, I did a victory dance around the kitchen that involved doing the Butter Churn until my sweatpants fell down, evoking hearty laughter from Stephen. It’s still not City Bakery’s—I think I may just have to save that experience for when I’m in their neighborhood—but it’s the cookie recipe I want to pass down to my future children.

2011 note: Awww, how cool is that? This is indeed the recipe I’m passing down to Harry. He’s five years old, and he already knows this is the cookie to end all cookies.

If you love eating cookie dough straight from the bowl, check out these raw egg-free bonbons adapted from this very recipe. Looking for something a little crispier? Try Cowkid Cookies. A little softer? Chewy Cocoa Fudge Cookies. Just flat-out, insanely, decadently good? Homemade Samoas. Aw, heck, just check out all the chocolate posts

And coming soon, very, very soon, an adaptation I’ve been playing with for the last few weeks involving crushed-up salty things. Mmm, salty-sweet-crunchy-chocolate-chippy goodness. ETA: Here it is! Couch Potato Cookies.

The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever
Makes about 2 dozen

If, like me, you have self-control issues, here’s a tip: Use a cookie scoop to portion out the dough onto a lined cookie sheet or cutting board. It’s fine to place them close together, since you won’t be baking them this way. Stick the entire thing into the freezer, and once the dough balls are frozen solid transfer them to a freezer bag. Now you can bake just a few at a time—they go directly from freezer to oven, with no adjustment in baking time. And whatever you do, don’t eat a frozen raw cookie dough ball. Just don’t. Because if you do, odds are none of the ones left in the bag will ever see the inside of an oven.

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (1 stick) cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
3/4 cup tightly packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 large egg, at room temperature, lightly beaten
6 to 7 ounces bittersweet chocolate chunks (one generous cup; it’s fine to just use half a 12-oz bag)

  1. Sift together the flour, baking soda, and salt into a medium bowl and set aside.
  2. Using a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment or a hand mixer, cream the butter and sugars on low speed until it is smooth and lump free, about 3 minutes. Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl and the paddle.
  3. Add the vanilla and egg and beat on low speed for 15 seconds, or until fully incorporated. Do not overbeat. Stop the machine and scrape down the sides of the bowl and the paddle.
  4. On low speed, add the flour mixture. Beat until just incorporated. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add the chocolate chunks and mix until they are just incorporated. If using a hand mixer, use a wooden spoon to stir them in. Refrigerate dough for at least an hour, and preferably 24-36 hours.
  5. Preheat oven to 350°F. Adjust racks to lower and upper thirds of the oven. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone mats. Spoon the dough, using a large cookie scooper or a tablespoon, 2 inches apart onto the prepared baking sheets.
  6. Bake for 11-13 minutes or until golden brown around the edges but still soft, almost underdone-looking, in the center. To ensure even baking, turn the sheets front to back and switch racks halfway through.
  7. Remove the sheets from the oven and carefully slide the parchment or silicone mats directly onto a work surface. When cookies are set, remove them to a cooling rack. Wait at least 5 minutes before serving or 20 minutes before storing in an airtight container for up to 3 days at room temperature.
  8. Holy Fucking Shit, these are good.

MAKE BABY FOOD: Technically, they’re safe if a baby should happen to taste one of yours. But did you see how much sugar’s in there? Definitely not something for the under-one crowd. Or possibly even the under-two crowd…

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  1. debbie koenig

    When we redesigned WTEB, I lost all my comments! Luckily, I was able to copy these from Haloscan–I love this ongoing conversation, so I'm pasting them here. Even the ones that complain about my gutter mouth 😉

    Have you tried any of Alton Brown's cookie recipes? I've had great success with The Chewy (there is also "The Puffy" and "The Thin"): …6_13617,00.html

    Similar in spirit to the one you settled on, b/c it involves refrigerating the dough. But you melt the butter first, and use more brown sugar and an extra egg yolk. Mmm…
    cabengo | | 12.04.04 – 12:05 pm | #

    Yay! I'm really glad that you perfected the recipe at last, Debbie!!
    Angela | | Email | Homepage | 12.05.04 – 8:33 am | #

    Followed the link to your blog for the first time…can't wait to try the recipe. I'm writing, though, regarding your mention of your wine allergy situation. I just read Augusten Burrough's great book "Dry", which is a memoir of his alcoholism and rehab, so I really shouldn't be picking up drinking tips from it. But in it, he mentioned that he also developed hives when he drank, so he took Benadryl prior and then had no problems. Not entirely recommended, I'm sure, especially in the doses he was using, but it's something I would try if I really loved a glass of wine now and then and couldn't have it any more.
    Nina Hattiangadi | | Email | 12.11.04 – 11:22 pm | #

    Always in search of an incredible chocolate chip cookie I was intrigued by this one. With the exception of the one hour refrigeration time required, it seemed like preparation of this cookie was done in no time at all. In fact, I double checked my steps because I was certain I forgot something.

    We loved this cookie. We prefer a crisp cookie and this one delivered. It was crisp on the outside, and yet despite how thin it was, remained soft on the inside (but not too soft).

    Thanks for posting this recipe. I found your blog on egullet and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Randi | | 02.24.05 – 1:06 pm | #

    Debbie, I tried these today and they were SO good! I made the dough last night and refrigerated in a long roll, sliced this morning and baked – perfect! I'll definitely be making these again. Do you know if the dough is freezeable? I'd love to have this standing by in the freezer.. although in all honesty, I doubt I'd have it there for very long. Thank you – I'll blog about this soon!
    Anne | | Email | Homepage | 06.17.05 – 4:20 am | #

    Hi Debbie,
    Great site. Love your writing. Linked to you through the recent chocolate chip cookie post on Anne's Food. Can't wait to try her version of these cookies and yours. They both look absolutely scrumptious. And one can never have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes, right?
    Farmgirl | | Email | Homepage | 06.26.05 – 10:48 am | #

    1. Nicole.Danielle

      I have a maddening craving for some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I do not trust store goods packaged recipes as my grandmother and mother (who could and can make anything delightfully edible). They both cooked from scratch and not with many electronic tools… LoL…
      As for the HfS comment both in defense or offense here’s an objective perspective or maybe some will feel just my unwanted two cents: maybe it’s not the actual language that’s offensive, my grandmother and her family were professional sailors with degrees and a massive vocabulary articulated out of the comfort of their own home… Maybe it’s the order or defamation of the word ‘Holy’. I get offended when people “damn” God by saying goddamnit so I ask if they can or real change the D to T out of respect for me. And most find this reasonable though there are many first amendment enthusiasts who feel I have no right to make such a request. So it may not be the fact that you cuss it maybe the fact some feel disrespected because ‘holy’ to them is a sacred word not to be used in conjunction with ‘fucking’ or ‘shit’ as they are dirtier.
      As for myself, I am eager to soothe this craving and honor my grandmother by making this recipe but by hand. I think I like the brown sugar idea substitute, and may not refrigerate more than an hour because, I REALLY want some!!! I think I will use Hershey’s or German chocolate chips for my chocolate chips as they are the chocolate staples in my family. I think I want to also drizzle the top of the cookies with caramel. I want to eat them while they are hot and gooey so I may reduce the wait time. I am sure I will love these cookies and hope to add them to my laundry list of generational recipes I am yet trying to squeeze out of my mother and my grandmothers siblings as she herself is no longed with me. But my mom is an only child who had many children so getting the dish to and from her is apparently a 30 yr stretch.
      Back to your cookies, I have great expectations for them, my household philosophy everybody cannot be lying… So these are going to get my undivided attention. Let’s hope for my family and friend’s sake that I am willing to share… Muahaha

      1. Suzanne

        Loved everything and at the end I laughed out loud with the four letter word used. If this is the worst thing that happens in a day, that someone uses the F bomb then all will be fine. Pick your fights. I’m 70 and it takes more then the use of this word to annoy me. Now I have to get back to the kitchen and try this recipe. Bon appetite! I’m confident that this particular recipe and the end result will cause my ass to increase by 2 inches. And that’s okay because next week, I’ll try hard to subsist on hummus and celery… and I hate hummus so I’m confident that this butt of mine will be back to normal with just a celery diet in 7 days.

        1. Debbie Koenig

          Suzanne, you might win Best Comment of 2014. Thank you!

          1. Suzanne Devlin

            Hi Debbie! Just wanted you to know that I made two batches of this recipe for two events this weekend. One with Guittard Chocolate Chips (they’re one of my favorite things from San Francisco:one batch with just chocolate chips and the other with chips and pecans. Most are going into two gift baskets for fundraisers. They are absolutely fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Glad I could make you laugh. Hope your holiday season is delicious but too many of these cookies will make my ass the size of Nebraska!!! Suzanne Devlin in Oregon

  2. debbie koenig



    These cookies look excellent. Can't wait to try them!!!!
    amateur | | Email | Homepage | 09.08.05 – 2:46 pm | #

    Well, I finally tried your recipe last night! You're right, they came out excellently chewy and tasty. I halved the recipe because I didn't want so many cookies sitting around, which may have been the reason they came out a little flatter than I would have liked. But, next time I'll follow it exactly and I can already see they'll be delicious. Thanks for sharing!
    amateur | | Email | Homepage | 09.29.05 – 10:58 am | #

    Those cookies look great. I'll add them to the list.

    Your description of the "schlong" cracked me up. That's what my husband I call pork tenderloin. As in, "Honey, have you thawed the schlong?" or "Shall we cook the schlong on the grill?". 😀
    lindrusso | | Homepage | 10.02.05 – 2:44 pm | #

    From a 35 year old male who is akin to a deer in headlights in a kitchen, I just wanted to say –


    Delicious, buttery and chewy (except for the batch I cooked a little too long).

    Mark | | Email | 12.31.05 – 5:03 pm | #

    I found your recipe through my son's blog, and can't wait to try it! Have you ever added nuts; I love toasted pecans in my chocolate chip cookies.
    Rebecca Pollak | | Email | Homepage | 01.23.06 – 9:37 am | #

    I just found your post recently, via google. I'm so glad I did! This is one of the best cookie recipes I've made so far and definetly one of the closest to the City Bakery cookie! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!
    Virtual Frolic | | Email | Homepage | 05.24.06 – 11:32 am | #

    Okay, I finally made these cookies, twice now, once with the original proportions and once doubling the recipe because I wanted MORE cookies. You're right, it's a great recipe, and IMHO, better than the cookies at City Bakery, which I had the opportunity to try when I visited my son recently and we had lunch there with the Wednesday Chef. I thought their chocolate chip cookie had too much baking soda in it and tasted bitter.

    BTW, congratulations on the baby; he is really beautiful!!
    Rebecca | | Email | Homepage | 09.10.06 – 2:54 pm | #

    Wow. This recipe is amazing, I loved the contrast in texture, crispy yet soft. Buttery-vanilla aroma.
    Arjun | | 10.07.06 – 11:27 pm | #

  3. debbie koenig

    AND MORE… (this batch starts with one of my faves, from someone who clearly doesn't know my mother)


    Nice article and recipe until the last line. What was the point of that? And what would your mother think?
    Bonnie | | Email | 10.27.06 – 3:55 pm | #

    WOW, the first time I try making chocolate chip cookies from random Googling and they turned out delicious! Chewy, crispy, but not *too* sweet. This is definitely going to be my "it" recipe forever.. thank you so much! =)
    Pamela | | 12.27.06 – 3:56 am | #

    Found your blog accidentally through Google. Your recipe sounds amazing.

    I don't have a standing mixer. Can I mix by hand or with one of those hand mixers? Just wondering.

    Thank you!
    Najia | | 01.18.07 – 7:36 pm | #

    Tried the reciepe today however it was too sweet.
    kaimuk | | Email | 02.09.07 – 12:16 pm | #

    Please help! I baked first batch of cookies and found it too be much too sweet. With the second batch i reduced the brown sugar to 1/2 cup (not tighly packed) instead of 3/4 and white sugar to 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup. The cookie turn out cakey- crispy on the outside but cake like on the inside? What should I do?
    kaimuk | | Email | 02.10.07 – 6:32 am | #

    Najia, sorry to take so long to respond, but yes you can make these by hand. I suspect the results will be different though, since it's difficult to beat cold butter by hand–you'll likely end up with room-temp butter by the time you're done, which may change the finished cookie somewhat. Let me know how it goes, please!

    Kaimuk, my understanding is that sugar adds an awful lot to a cookie's texture, so by eliminating so much of it (you've taken out nearly half) you've changed the cookie on a molecular level. If it's too sweet as originally written, I'd say try losing sugar a tablespoon at a time rather than half a cup all at once.

    Oh, and Bonnie, have you met my mother?
    debbie | | Email | Homepage | 02.12.07 – 11:49 am | #

    thanks Debbie!
    kaimuk | | Email | 02.15.07 – 8:21 pm | #

    I am so glad I found your article. Not just because of the cookie recipe, which I am going to try today, but because I love your writing style and your humor… ESPECIALLY the last line. Poor prude Bonnie needs to get a life.
    Kathy | | Email | 02.16.07 – 9:08 am | #

    Hi. Simple question: does the "t." stand for teaspoon or tablespoon? Thanks.
    Anonymous | | 03.02.07 – 2:28 am | #

    "t." = teaspoon
    "T." = tablespoon

    Throughout the site!
    debbie | | Email | Homepage | 03.02.07 – 7:09 am | #

    I had problems making cookies at 7300 feet above sea level. Then on a trip to the U.S., I went to Costco and bought two huge bags of Nestle's Chocolate Chips. On the bag were high altitude instructions. (Basically, reduce sugar, increase flour, add a little water.) Worked perfectly! After that, I'm in Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven.
    Michael Warshauer | | Email | Homepage | 03.24.07 – 6:27 pm | #

    So, in google-ing a recipe for Jacques Torres' amazing choc chip cookies I came up with no luck. As a recent culinary school graduate, I have actually considered getting a part time job at his manhattan shop just to sneak a peek at the recipe. I came across your blog and was intrigued by your recipe and story. I made two batches: One simply replicating yours, and in the other recipe I altered yours by taking the advice of one of the comments above (adding more brown sugar, an extra egg yolk, and using melted butter). The altered batch was not my style; they were extra crispy and only minimally chewy (however still good, if you like a fresh 'gingersnap' like cookie). Yours however, ‘holy fucking shit’ were amazing ☺. I chopped the choc pieces to varied size—big chunks and very small (almost a dust)—it made the cookies look very bakery-like. Gorgeous. Great job. Thank you. ☺
    Lindsay | | Email | 04.04.07 – 11:11 pm | #

  4. debbie koenig



    Debbie, I've had your recipe for about a year now, & I've tried many other's NOTHING compares, to this one everyone loves this cookie & wants the recipe, I'll never tell…

    I'll definately will try the new version, the cookies sometimes come out too greasy, & thin, they're still awsome though!!
    c.b | | Email | 04.23.07 – 1:50 pm | #

    I came across your blog while googling Alexis' Chocolate Chip Cookies and then doing an image search.

    The photo of your cookies looked absolutely delicious, so I tried your recipe. They were awesome. I didn't like the crunch that white sugar added to the dough, so I used dark brown sugar for the packed brown sugar and then subbed light brown sugar for the white sugar.

    This cookie was divinely good. It even made a great textured cookie without chilling. They tasted better baked second day after chilling overnight.

    They are the perfect balance of crispy/chewy/chocolately.
    M | | Email | Homepage | 05.22.07 – 10:09 pm | #

    YAY YAY YAY!!! I just made your cookies and they are PERFECT. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    Shannon | | Email | 06.04.07 – 11:26 pm | #

    I've been reading for a while (congrats on the baby – he's adorable, and start posting those crockpot recipes for the OTHERS of us with new little ones!!) and just wanted to say that I've seen a LOT of comments on random blogs (across genres – parenting blogs and cooking blogs) by someone named Bonnie scolding posters for cussing. I wonder if it's all the same person? I sort of love the thought of some ostensible prude pruriently googling cuss words so that she can go and shake a finger at the bloggers!! 😀
    heath | | Email | Homepage | 06.23.07 – 9:22 pm | #

    Even though you said a bad word, I'm gonna tell you something that may help you to drink wine without getting hives. But have the benadryl handy just in case. I was told the reason I was allergic to wine was because of something added to it that may be like a preservative. So look for natural–maybe organic wine online. Many people like it better. It's made the way wine was made for centuries.
    Pity | | Email | 06.28.07 – 9:32 pm | #

    "Holy Fucking Shit, these are good."
    Was endorsement enough for me to try out this recipe today. I'll admit, I am a diehard tollhouse recipe user. I think it was the first chocolate chip recipe I ever made.

    But dude! I'm converted. These are some sick ass cookies! Crisp outter layer and soft inner layer. Awesome!
    Anonymous | | 07.08.07 – 3:00 pm | #

    These are seriously the best chocolate chip cookies ever! All the neighborhood kids agree. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Carrie | | Email | Homepage | 07.12.07 – 7:34 am | #

    I think what turned me off from trying… is the last comment. Cursing is such a juvenile thing to do. It makes people think forget this person, their vocabulary leaves alot to be desired.
    Anonymous | | 09.22.07 – 6:49 pm | #

  5. debbie koenig



    ok, first, your last line sealed the deal for me and made me whip out my hand mixer.
    second, thank you for a terrific recipe! i tried these last night, with a few minor tweaks (used a T. of vanilla extract and a splash of milk), and they came out delicious!
    I am having a hard time willing myself out of the kitchen today so as to not finish the whole batch myself.
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Leigh | | Email | 09.26.07 – 9:55 am | #

    Cursing isn't juvenile. It's simply utilizing words that have been in our language for centuries upon centuries. One ought to have an expansive vocabulary in this day in age, don't you agree?

    Now, if we want to talk about juvenile, let's have a discussion about leaving negative, anonymous comments!

    And I actually have a question – I've made these cookies multiple times (even commenting once on my own blog that yes, in fact, they are holy fucking shit good) and it's my go-to recipe now. Recently I was hit with the "I'd like chocolate chip cookies… with macadamia nuts" request. I know macadamias are pretty rich and will take precious space away from the chocolate, but I'd hate to alter the recipe at all. Any opinion on how to work those in here?
    Leah | | Email | Homepage | 10.09.07 – 11:32 pm | #

    i was unsure about your recipe until i read the Holy F*cking S*it part….now i'm all over it. Wish me well as i have to use my bar-b-cue to cook them!!!! (How white trash is that????) Should be reaaal interesting.

    thanks for the tips!!!!!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    scottriviera | | Email | 10.24.07 – 12:49 pm | #

    Enjoyed reading your info until the final sentence. Absolutely no need for that….and I'll not be on your website again.
    Anonymous | | 10.31.07 – 9:56 pm | #

    OHG! I made these yesterday and they were incredible! I mixed it by hand and they were a little thin, which i wondered if they were suppose to be. But the hand mixing i thought might have been the reason. Never mind this was still an incredible cookie i will make again!
    allison | | Email | 11.01.07 – 2:23 pm | #

    Wow! I'm not a good baker by any sense of the word, but these cookies rock! And I made them…so I bet they were even better when you made them!
    Shannon | | 11.18.07 – 8:18 pm | #

    I agree, these cookies are great – I doubled the recipe and think they are definitley HFS (holy f'ing shit) good! We've begun using the term "HFS" for things we love – such as these cookies. As for the comments about the HFS reference at the end of the recipe – I suggest those folks need to get some schlong and lighten up a bit! hahahaha

    Keep the recipes like these coming!
    Babs | | Email | 11.27.07 – 11:11 am | #

    Thank you for your detailed experience of the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and the fix. I have a similar experience you have from the original recipe by Sherry Yard's Secrets of Baking book. I've tried the original recipe a year ago, and they turned out,like you said, crisp, thin, and greasy but still tastes very good), and like you I also used Ghiradelli chocolate chips. Also like you, I've tried chilling the dough as well and it even gets crispier. I've tried the recipe again this year (2007), and the result is the same. The fix you've provided makes sense, I believe the double creaming and beating on medium speed are what cause the cookies to be greasy and spread. I will try the modified recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Anonymous | | 12.16.07 – 10:11 pm | #

  6. debbie koenig



    Damn, these were good. Thanks, Debbie!
    Kris | | Email | Homepage | 12.17.07 – 1:45 pm | #

    My mom and I have searched far and wide for the perfect homemade chocolate chip cookie. For years, ours have been full of air and similar to muffins At last we can enjoy a real chocolate chip cookie…they are PERFECT, and we too said "holy fucking shit" upon their arrival. Thank you.
    Molly | | 01.02.08 – 11:00 pm | #

    holy crap! these are the best! perfection! made some following your recipe, then did another batch and added pistachios and subbed almond extract. ridiculous!

    love your blog.
    kate | | Email | Homepage | 01.08.08 – 1:55 pm | #

    LOL @ Babs' comment on 11.27.07! I had the same question as another commenter about adding macadamia nuts. I plan to make these for my husband, who is serving in Iraq, but I think I'll hold off on the macadamia nuts for now because I don't want to mess anything up! I'm anxious to try the recipe..I'll know they'll turn out "HFS" good! Thanks so much for posting this recipe!
    Katrina | | Email | Homepage | 01.27.08 – 10:10 am | #

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have always tried to find new chocolate chip cookie recipes because I love them. I have to say these are good.

    Mine came out thin and I don't know if it's because I used a hand mixer. Either way, it was very good!

    My kids love them too.
    Heidy | | 01.27.08 – 7:04 pm | #

    I am totally obsessed with chocolate chip/chunk cookies – particularly City Bakery's – and these are pretty close. I didn't refrigerate though, so they were slightly thinner than I would like and 9min in the oven made them crispy. Usually, 9 and they're soft. Whatever, they still rock. I'm going to the store right now to get more ingredients. Thanks for sharing your recipe!
    Jocelyn | | Email | Homepage | 02.02.08 – 1:48 pm | #

  7. debbie koenig



    Dear Debbie,

    Your cookies are totaly great in taste! honestly there is no better.
    Since this summer i have been on a quest.. constantly searching for the worlds best chewy chocolate chip cookie. And i think i may have found it. However, i follow the recipe perfectly i dont overbeat the eggs, i dont cream the butter twice or anything my cookies come out flat on top and not crispy and crack-ed like yours . Is it my oven.. my baking pans.. should i change the temp???
    PLEASE HELP ME!!! ive been looking for the cookie exactly like that!
    Alexa | | Email | 02.12.08 – 1:58 pm | #

    I just made your chocolate chip cookie recipe, and the cookies are amazing.

    Do you want to know the most hilarious thing? I wanted to find an unbelievable chocolate chip cookie recipe, so tonight I searched Google for: chocolate chip cookie recipe so fucking good.

    And that is how I found your blog.

    The cookies are kind of a big deal!
    alex | | 02.12.08 – 10:04 pm | #

    well.. i know see that debbie has not posted a comment on here for over a year zikes! could anybody help me out (im the one with the 49th comment!
    Alexa | | Email | 02.13.08 – 3:45 pm | #

    I'm excited to try your recipe. The photo of the cookies is truly mouth watering. I have one question though! How big is a cookie scoop? There seem to be several sizes out there. How many tablespoons is yours?
    Thank you!!
    Brenna | | Email | 03.02.08 – 12:02 am | #

    The only time MY cookies never worked out was when I used a sugar by C & H that is called "baking sugar", it is superfine and always made my cookies very flat! When I use the regular sugar (in the pink and white box), they are perfect! So, I am putting my recipe here for you….I hope they work for you, but if not, let me know and I can try to help you fine tune.

    mix together in a small bowl:
    2 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
    1 teaspoon Baking Soda
    1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
    1/2 teaspoon Salt

    Set aside….then cream together:

    2 sticks Butter, softened (not margarine)
    1/2 cup Sugar
    3/4 cup Brown Sugar

    mix well, then add:

    1 1/2 teaspoons real Vanilla
    1 teaspoon 1/2 & 1/2 or milk
    2 Large Eggs

    mix well, then add your flour mixture, blending well.

    Next, stir in a 12 oz. package of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. You can also add 1/2 cup chopped nuts, or peanut butter chips, etc.

    If you want, you can now refrigerate your dough for an hour or so, or you can bake immediately.

    Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Drop dough by rounded TABLESPOON onto an UNgreased cookie sheet. You can flatten the tops of the dough a little.

    Bake for approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

    Let rest on cookie sheet for about 30 seconds, then transfer to a wire rack to cool. Now, for the next round of cookies, if you only have one cookie sheet, LET IT COOL before you bake more cookies!! Or, if you have more than one sheet, you can alternate, just so you are always putting the dough on a cooled off cookie sheet!!

    Good luck and let me know if you like them!!
    Jennifer | | Email | 03.16.08 – 3:34 pm | #

    Thank you so much for awnsering! i have not tried them yet (busy busy busy) but i will this weekend, they sound great and i WILL defenitly let you know if I like them!!

    Alexa | | Email | 04.01.08 – 11:29 pm | #

  8. debbie koenig



    I used your recipe to make cookies in Spain. Everyone who ate it asked for the recipe. I have decided to copy it in Spanish and add credit to your site. Is that OK? I tried this recipe in a relatively small town without any hope of finding certain ingredients, such as brown sugar, and measuring tools. Amazingly with all the approximations it still worked.
    Thanks for posting.
    Ayse | | 04.13.08 – 2:43 pm | #

    i just made these cookies (i added toasted pecans too) and they were the BEST cookies i've ever made.

    i'm so impressed with myself (and you for finding this recipe).
    kristin | | Email | Homepage | 04.26.08 – 8:10 am | #

    aw man I just made these cookies too and they were really, really good 😀 thank you so much for the recipe!
    anon | | 05.06.08 – 6:46 pm | #

    Wow, these are awesome!! I made them this morning and only had time to chill the dough for about a half hour. No rollling or anythings. and I don't have a mixer so I did it by hand. I used Nestle semi-sweet chunks, and I made about 14 cookies by hand-shapeing them. I had to add more time in the oven because they were bigger. Still….your last line is perfect, they are that good!

    N T | | Email | 06.13.08 – 9:47 am | #

    I'm on the hunt for a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe sprinkled with sea salt. I had one at my local farmers' market and it was to die for. Since this cookie has so many rave reviews, I'm thinking of reducing the white sugar a little and giving it a try. Has anyone ever made anything like this before? Any tips?
    Linda Sue | | Email | 07.03.08 – 8:41 pm | #

    God-damn these are some bad ass cookies!! Really…I am known for being grossed out by chocolate chip cookies, but these are really fucking good! I'm making them for work and will only tweak it a little by adding some cinnamon.
    kittypoops | | Email | 07.06.08 – 8:59 pm | #

    Both my husband and I are on a strict diet, and it's hard, real hard, because we are true chocoholics. I've been trying to lessen my desire for a nice chunk of dark chocolate by feasting my eyes on recipes etc. So, I found this one, and oh boy, woo hoo, do I want to make these. I've been looking for the exact kind you're describing in the blog and never could get the right recipe. I just know (!) that this is the one. Now, I just have to convince my darling that we need to take a break from our diet and kneel in front of the choco goddess for only a day or two.

    I have a pretty strong feeling he won't fight me on this…
    Tina TArnoff | | Email | Homepage | 07.20.08 – 1:23 am | #

    These truly are the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. I refrigerate the dough for 2 hours or so before baking and they don't spread and get super-flat like pretty much every other recipe… they are perfectly chewy throughout, no hard/crunchy edges. I use Ghirardelli semisweet or bittersweet chips… YUM!! I love that the recipe makes a smaller batch (cause sometimes I just don't need 3 or 4 dozen cookies staring me in the face, KWIM?) and the fact that you can use cold butter so the recipe doesn't require any thinking ahead.
    Whitney | | Email | 07.30.08 – 4:38 pm | #

    Awesome recipe. Really.
    George | | Email | Homepage | 08.21.08 – 7:37 am | #

  9. debbie koenig



    umm i have a question…why do people get so upset about cussing? its all in good fun, who cares? pick your battles, people. thats whats wrong with the world today, so much negativity, and people get offended about everything. quit being so uptight. ANYWAYS. your cookies are in the oven right now, they smell delicious! i was a little worried they'd be too thin but it doesn't look like it! i'll let you know how they turn out, thanks!!!
    nicole | | 08.29.08 – 9:17 pm | #

    Could you please remove the dirty curse words at the bottom of the recipe. It's truly terrible to come accross that!
    Anonymous | | 09.11.08 – 8:22 pm | #

    hi! i just wanted to let you know that i just baked those cookies and they are by far the best cookies i have ever had. i was looking for a recipe that wasn't difficult and didn't call for anything that i wouldn't be able to find here (i'm living in egypt for the next 5 months) and this was it!

    also, f.y.i., i didn't have an electric mixer here so i just hand mixed them and they turned out wonderful still! it took a little more elbow grease, but they still taste perfect!

    Trista | | Email | 11.04.08 – 11:19 am | #

    I've been trying several recipes a week looking for a thin and chewy one … every recipe I've tried so far is too cakey. I'm SOO looking forward to trying yours, from the pic, I can see that this might be the recipe I'm looking for!
    Jennifer | | 11.17.08 – 9:46 pm | #

    I hope you will lose the expletives about your Holy *&^%#@%^ )#!~%, these are good.

    My 9 year old did a search on cookies to help out while we were baking. Your blog came up and I wish it didn't.

    I really thought it would be innocent enough to allow as I was in the kitchen and she was nearby.

    Lose the trash as it would probably make for a better cookie and you a better person.

    Scott | | Email | 12.04.08 – 8:12 pm | #

    Hi Debbie,

    I tried your chocolate chip cookie recipe and they are awesome. However I didn't have baking soda so I used self rising flour.

    I made the mistake of not creaming the sugar and butter. I combined all the dry ingredients first. I creamed the butter, vanilla, egg, and then added the dry ingredients.

    The hard part was mixing (maybe because I didn't do the sugar and butter first).

    I wound up mixing in the chocolate with my hands (gloved) as the mixture was very stiff.

    I then rolled it in wax paper, put in the frig. for almost an hour. But when I tried to slice it the (chunk) chocolate made it awkward so I used my hands again (gloved) and formed the cookies.

    But in the end they turned out great!

    Thanks for recipe,
    Okinawa, Japan
    Dan | | Email | 12.23.08 – 2:02 am | #

    these cookies were so awesome! i used 1/2 Cup crisco plus 3 tsp water instead of the butter. they came out fantastic! Debbie, you are a great writer, but why must you use such horrid and graphically offensive language? it really cheapens your image. thank you for the recipe. hopefully you will edit your post and make it more family-friendly.
    shara | | 12.28.08 – 1:34 am | #

  10. debbie koenig

    TA DA…


    The recipe you used is pretty close to the one for Mrs. Field's cookies, over at (except that one has two eggs), and I agree, they are the most delicious things ever.

    I have one more tip, although generally I don't have the patience to use it: leave the dough in the fridge between 12 and 72 hours (covered, of course) before baking the cookies. The reason? Egg white takes a long time to penetrate the dry ingredients, and if you leave the cookie dough to rest for at least a day (three being best), you get a much nicer texture.

    I've managed this all of twice, though — despite how delicious the result is — because generally I don't think three days ahead when I'm baking. Mostly I think "cookies would be nice today."
    Rachel | | Email | Homepage | 12.29.08 – 7:01 pm | #

    Hi, Debbie your recipe seems really good, but the cursing was a big turn off for those who may visit your website or even send their kids on to look for a good recipe. Words are very powerful, please consider putting more positive words on your website.


    Latarsha | | 02.25.09 – 5:06 pm | #

    Thanks for the recipe Debbie! Will you specify what size scoop you use?
    Lisa | | Email | 04.02.09 – 1:43 pm | #

    One more thing… do you let the cookies thaw out a little bit for easier scooping? Can't wait to try!
    Lisa | | Email | 04.02.09 – 4:35 pm | #

    Hi Lisa. It's the large Oxo scoop. Can't remember anymore what number size it's equivalent to!

    And no, definitely don't let it thaw. You want the dough to be chilled. Takes a little elbow grease, but it's worth it.
    debbie | | Homepage | 04.02.09 – 4:49 pm | #

    You really do need to refrigerate the cookies in little balls if you want them to be puffy, and adding a little extra flour helps, too.

    Yours look delicious, and glad you found a recipe you love! Happy baking!
    Culinary Corner Cafe | | Email | Homepage | 04.23.09 – 6:21 pm | #

    My MY for such an intelligent Women I might say that for lack of intelligent conversation your ending explaination of your cookies will be the reason that I can't and won't tell other intelligent beings about where to find your cookies. I hope for your sake you might clean up your language so I can spread the word about a great blogger but not for the underage. Hope u understand just trying to teach the younger child cooks to talk the talk. Thanks
    Jeanne | | Email | 05.02.09 – 6:11 pm | #

    Holy Fucking Shit these are good is right!
    taryn | | Email | 05.02.09 – 7:13 pm | #

    I cant wait to try these cookies!

    Why does everyone care about your last line? ITS THE INTERNET PEOPLE, GET A LIFE. She can type whatever she damn well pleases, seeing as it's her blog! What gives you the right to censor someone just because of your opinions? If you're really afraid of your sheltered child reading the word "fuck" on the internet, maybe DONT LET THEM ON THE INTERNET.

    There are a whole lot worse things than "fuck" on here! So stop giving her a hard time and get a life; how dare you judge someone you don't even know based on two-dimensional words that pop-up on your screen?
    Cara | | Email | 05.22.09 – 11:29 am | #

    Cara, I think I love you.
    debbie | | Homepage | 05.22.09 – 1:28 pm | #

  11. Cristo (Fort Worth, TX)

    Now that's a F****** cookie!!! I couldn't stop licking the spatula… Lol;) Thanks for this receipe, from my husband and I!

    P.S. Wow some people need a sense of humor along with a cup of wine!!

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Debbie, yesterday was the second time I made your great recipe, and they came out great, again (thank you!). What type of butter should I be using? Last night I used Challenge brand unsalted. However, when I was at the store Challenge also carries unsalted sweet cream. I'm not sure what the difference is. One eater said the cookies didn't taste very buttery to him. What do you use?

  13. debbie koenig

    Cristo: LOL, thanks for the smile!

    Anon: I'm glad you like the recipe! I usually use your standard supermarket-variety butter for this, nothing fancy. Land o' Lakes, mostly. I wasn't thrilled with the results when I tried it with fancier butter.

    I wasn't familiar with Challenge–but I looked it up, it's a West Coast brand. On their site I see salted & unsalted, plus several kinds that come in tubs, and European and organic varieties, but I don't see "unsalted sweet cream." I suspect it's the same as regular ol' unsalted, though. Wish I could be more help!

  14. ana lisette

    oh thank you thank you thank you for this recipe. This is my absolute favorite, and the one that I will use forever and ever amen. These are way better than Toll House! Best cookie texture. The only thing I did differently was to use margarine instead of unsalted butter, but they still turned out AMAZING. 😀

  15. Anonymous

    Why are there so many whiners on this site? Cursing is a perfectly appropriate way of expressing one's feelings toward a subject, especially when that subject pertains to abso-fucking-lutely amazing cookies. Suck it up, and get the FARK off the internet if you have the mental capacity of a 13 year old. THE INTERWEBZ IS NOT PG RATED FOR YOUR CHILDLIKE EYES.

  16. Anonymous

    LOL! Loved your blog and your fucking AWESOME cookies!! So sad for all the people that can't handle your colorful description-sadly, that is the only word that can describe these cookies. Fucking delicious! It will be a keeper in my recipe box forever!

  17. Crafts By Claire

    Um…I made these this afternoon for a birth class my husband and I are attending. They are AMAZING! Thanks so much. I wasn't able to refrigerate the dough for an hour, but put it in the freezer for a few minutes and they were delicious anyway! Can't wait to make these for my sister 🙂

  18. debbie koenig

    Ana Lisette, thanks so much for the rave! (And sorry it's taken so long to respond)

    Claire, glad to hear they were a hit! If I don't want to bake them right away, I portion out the dough balls onto a cookie sheet and freeze those. Of course, then I eat most of them before they ever get baked. Frozen cookie dough balls, ooooo.

  19. Anonymous

    lol @ "cookie shlong".

  20. Hoi


    I've made your cookie recipe before and it turned out amazing. However, the last two times I've tried it my cookies have turned out flat and undercooked in the center. I can't figure out why, I know I haven't missed anything in the recipe and my oven temperature is correct. Do you think using semi sweet chocolate chips could cause this problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  21. debbie koenig

    Hoi, it sounds to me like your oven temperature is too low–overspreading and underbaking are both indications of that. Do you use an oven thermometer? I know you say the temp is correct, but if you're not using a separate thermometer inside the oven, the calibration could be off by quite a bit.

    The type of chips you use definitely wouldn't be the cause. Any chance you're using dark brown sugar instead of light? That could also explain the overspreading, though I'm not sure it would explain the underbaking.

  22. Anonymous

    Hi Debbie, im a 14 year old looking for the best chocolate chip cookies ever, like the ones in my school. i found ur blog through google, and i just printed out the recipe. im hoping i can get the ingredients in time to try ur cookies before i forget. 😛 they look delicious!!!!
    (.'.".)<—- ur cookie

    p.s schlong a big word in my school such as weiner schlong o_o

  23. Anonymous

    ok im the 14 yr old and i just made them …when u said parchment paper i thought that also ment wax paper >.< when i took them out of the oven they looked great!! its just.. taking them off the paper was the trick.. they came on the plate in a giant mush ball but a very yummy mush ball! so everyone just picked at it maybe next time ill do it right :p ~is it ok to freeze the dough?

  24. Lauren

    I made these the other day. They turned out great, looked amazing and tasted delicious. My mom who claims to not really like chocolate chip cookies ate 2 and my boyfriend had dreams about eating them.

  25. debbie koenig

    Anon, too bad about the wax paper! It's definitely different from parchment.

    It's definitely safe to freeze them–I often make the dough & portion it out into individual cookie balls on a baking sheet (lined w/either wax or parchment paper) and stick it into the freezer. Once they're solid, put them in a zipper freezer bag & you're good to go. Take out as many as you want to bake and follow the recipe's directions–they should take the same amount of time as the refrigerated dough. (The frozen dough balls are crazy good even without being baked, btw.)

    Lauren, so happy to hear they were a hit! Inspiring dreams, that's pretty good 😉

  26. Alicia

    these cookies are absolutely amazing!
    Although I didn't refrigerate the dough for mine (because i didn't have time because i needed them for school tomorrow and it's rather late) they still turned out amazing!
    by far the best cookies i've ever had–except for this giant cookie i had at a cookie shop but that's another story

  27. Anonymous

    Just made these cookies for people who will be visiting our studio during an Art Walk tomorrow night. They came out perfect. I think the parchment paper was a critical step. Thanks.

  28. Sara

    My friend told me to try this recipe and I'm glad she did, these cookies are delicious! I've been looking for a solid recipe for ages and this one was really good.
    I found some of the cookies were a little undercooked after 13 mins, despite being golden brown. I'm wondering if you could tell me which would be the best solution – lowering the oven temperature or letting the cookies cool on the sheet after removing from the oven?
    I'll probably substitute half of the butter with margarine next time as I'm not a huge fan of butter (I know, I know). Do you think this would make for chewier cookies? I found them a little too crispy; maybe this is because I put them back in the oven for a few more minutes to make sure they were properly cooked.
    Anyway, thanks for this recipe, it's perfect with a glass of cold milk!

  29. debbie koenig

    Alicia, Barbara, thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm so glad you liked them.

    Sara, hmm, I'm not quite sure what to say. Each oven's cooking time (and temperature) can vary, so I always suggest using an oven thermometer to make sure the temperature is what you *think* it is. I wouldn't lower the temperature–that will make the cookies spread too much. Instead, try increasing the baking time by 30 seconds to 1 minute. Just that little bit of time can make a huge difference! Some other thoughts: How sturdy is your baking sheet? It shouldn't buckle or warp, as that will affect baking. Also, are you rotating the cookie sheets halfway through baking? That also helps them to bake evenly.

    My only other thought is that these cookies are supposed to be noticeably chewy on the inside & crisp on the edges–is it possible that they weren't underdone, just chewier than expected?

  30. Sara

    I am never too sure with my oven temperature so that might be it – I'll go looking for a thermometer. I didn't rotate the baking sheets as you suggested, just left them right in the middle. That was probably it.
    And yes, they were definitely underdone, I stuck a toothpick in and it was covered it wet dough.
    I'm going to substitute half the butter for margarine when I next make them (hopefully tomorrow!) and I'll let you know how that goes.
    They were still delicious anyway, I've been munching away like crazy! Thanks 🙂

  31. debbie koenig

    Aha! Rotate your cookie sheets, and if they seem underdone at 13 mins let them go another minute. I bet that'll fix things. Here's a good, inexpensive oven thermometer I just bought from Amazon:

    Also, be careful when switching w/margarine–if it's a "light" version it probably has a LOT more water than butter, which will change the texture considerably. If they're regular ol' sticks of marg, you're probably fine.

  32. Sara

    I made these again today and this time I used half butter-half margarine and rotated the sheets halfway through and they are amazing! Crispy yet chewy, they're delicious. I liked my substitution, it was just the right amount of butter. Thank you so much more the recipe and quick responses 🙂

  33. debbie koenig

    Hooray! Glad to hear they came out well, Sara.

  34. Carrie

    Um,yeah, so, I totally get why you have cursed at the end of your post about these cookies. They are delicious. I was even out of parchment and just sprayed the sheets well and still got the desired consistency you describe. I ate two of them before I could stop myself.

  35. karen

    I am not known for my baking abilities, but this cookie recipe makes me look like a baking genius! My husband thought that they were the best cookies he had ever eaten, and he is my biggest critic. Thanks so much for such a fabulous recipe… will be making them for Thanksgiving this year.

  36. cris

    I am making these right now, and so I don't know how they'll turn out, but I have to say the raw cookie dough (I know I'm not supposed to eat it, raw eggs, whatever), is AMAZING. Cannot wait for the cooking to end.

  37. jimampaco

    To the 14-year old on 9-20, kudo's to you for telling out on yourself. We have all made funny mistakes over the years and the fun is admitting that you made them and laughed about it. These cookies are great! We used a few less chips, refrigerated the dough, a touch more flour and THERE YOU GO! Stay with whatever language you like. We particularly laughed at the "schlong" remark. What else would you call it?

  38. debbie koenig

    Carrie, Karen, Cris: Thanks so much for stopping by to report back–I'm always thrilled to hear from readers!

    Kris, I often freeze individual cookie dough balls, intending to bake them a few at a time in the toaster oven. Far too often they get eaten straight from the freezer. If you use eggs from a source you trust, I see no problem with it.

    And Jimampaco, I'm curious: what effect did the extra flour have? I wonder what you were going for, and if you achieved it.

  39. AnickH

    That looks like a good recipe. Good ratios. The amount of flour and everything else is so perfect, but they have way too much sugar. theres 1/2 cup too much. theres twice as much sugar in this recipe than even the nestle toll house recipe

  40. debbie koenig

    Thanks for stopping to comment, Anick. Have you tried them? I know it sounds like a lot of sugar, but the effect is well worth it. If you've made them following the recipe and thought they were too sweet, go right ahead and tinker! Everyone's got their own preference when it comes to choc chip cookies, kwim?

  41. Anonymous

    Happy (almost) New Year from rainy Southern California. I stumbled upon this recipe on a day I was baking with my 11 year old. Loved the recipe, but seriously..the last few comments were in pretty poor taste. Clearly you are a gifted women in the kitchen, but do you really think the potty mouth is necessary? Helpful? Funny?

  42. Jessica

    Hi, I just found your website and I love it!! I made these cookies twice this week. The first time they came out absolutely delicious but a little flat, so of course I had to try them again… the next time I made them I rolled a cookie schlong (instead of refrigerating in the bowl) and refrigerated it for about three hours (instead of one) before I baked them. They came out incredibly perfect!! The best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. It's actually a problem how good these are. Thank you!!

  43. Blender Benefits

    There is nothing like homemade chocolate chip cookies. Your pictures look edible!

    I'm always up for a new recipe and cannot wait to cook a batch of these up.

  44. Catherine

    My brother and I are in the process of baking these cookies and were almost done making done. Hope they turn out great and by the way I'm 11.

  45. HomemadeMother

    I am trying this recipe now – can't wait!!!

  46. culinspiration


    I made these and they turned out very nicely, so thanks!

    You can see from the pics that they they looked a bit different than yours. My friend made a batch (although she used some turbinado), and hers looked different, too.

    Yours have a nice wrinkly texture and you can almost see how tender and chewy they are. They seem to have the elusive cookie rings/zones (outer edge, middle ring, and soft center). Any idea what might produce the different results? Maybe your cookies were a little bigger? Or the dough aged longer?


  47. Laura

    These cookies are awesome! I really had to scrounge for ingredients (wanted to make cookies for my roommate before she's home from work), but they still turned out great. I ended having to use sweet cream salted butter but decided to just omit the salt in the mix. I also used baking powder (just used an extra teaspoon) and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Crispy on the outside, perfectly soft in the middle! Thanks for the great recipe! HFS for sure! 🙂

  48. debbie koenig

    Culinspiration, my best guess would be the temperature of the butter–in your post you specify "slightly colder than room temp," but in mine the butter is straight from the fridge. That affects the way the cookies spread in the oven. I think mine are crinklier than yours because they spread less (they puff up more, then deflate). Also, I could be totally wrong about this, but the addition of nuts might make a difference–I'm thinking in particular of those finer pieces I see in your photo. I wonder if they act a bit like flour?

  49. swimmy

    My favorite chocolate chip cookie has oatmeal in it. My son hates the oatmeal. Can you tell me what I can substitute the oatmeal with?

  50. debbie koenig

    Swimmy, I'll try to help you but I'd need to see the recipe. If you email it to me, I'll see if I can figure it out.

  51. Robin Edwards

    I have been searching for the perfect chocolate chip recipe forever. I had tried so many I was beginning to think I was a baking failure. My nine year old prefers Pillbury! I tried your recipe last night – I've had it for a while but hesitated since I thought the chilling of the dough and the rotating of the cookie sheets was a little too much like Alton Brown's The Chewy, which IMO wasn't all that. So imagine my surprise at how unfreaking believably good these were! I have finally found my Holy Grail of cookies, and even better – my nine year old LOVED them! Thanks Debbie! You rock!

  52. Anonymous


    I made your cookies a few times and the were truly awesome. But the last time I made them they turned out ordinary. Also for some reason this last time the batter was all crumbles, I had to press it together.

    How cold should the butter be? should it be right out of the fridge. This is what I did this time, normally I would let the butter soften a bit before making. I find beating cold butter very difficult, the lumps just get thrown around a lot.

  53. debbie koenig

    Thanks, Robin!

    Anon, are you using a stand mixer? Ideally the butter should be straight from the fridge, which a stand mixer can handle easily. A hand mixer would definitely have some trouble with it. And since you've done the recipe before and had success, I think this time might just be an anomaly. Is it possible you forgot an egg?

  54. Anonymous

    I tried making this yesterday and it was a disaster. Not sure what I did wrong??? It was conpletly dry and crumbly in dough form. After baking it was rock hard. Does 1 stick of butter mean 1/4 cup? Perhaps 13 mins was too long? Any advice?

  55. debbie koenig

    Anon, 1 stick of butter = 1/4 POUND, not 1/4 cup. 1 stick = 1/2 cup. If you used 1/4 cup of butter, there's the problem!

  56. Anonymous

    Swimmy, sometimes if you put the oatmeal in a food processor or blender, it will make it into a kind of coarse powder, and has less of an oatmeal taste if you experiment with vanilla and such. It does change the texture a bit though 🙂

  57. Sarah

    OMG i made this for my youth group and they LOVED them!!!! Especially my boyfriend, so thanks!
    i added pretzels to them once and it was great!

  58. debbie koenig

    Glad they were a hit, Sarah! And I looove the idea of adding pretzels.

  59. Jessica Fleming

    These are the best chocolate chip cookies ever! If my mom ever heard that she'd disown me, yes, I'm willing to risk my neck to tell the world how I love them so. Yum!

  60. Amanda

    Hey Debbie, Well, I must tell you that I have been looking for the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe for years now, and thanks to you I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! I baked them last night and they tasted AMAZING! However, there were some problems I'd like to get your advice on.
    1st, The 1st batch I put in I rotated them halfway through ( by moving the rack from top to bottom, and rotating the cookie trays as well…unless I read your directions incorrectly, I think that's what I was supposed to do) and I baked for 12 minutes. When they came out they were burnt on the bottoms! ( and yes I did use parchment) Then the next batch I did the same, only I baked for 11 minutes and they were undercooked! ( I think anyway…I'm actually not exactly sure how to tell, but the inside of the cracks that formed on top looked really doughy still) So there's the 1st problem. The second problem is the day after I baked them, they are hard as rocks! but if I put them in the microwave and warm them they are just as delicious as when I took them out of the oven. Could it be my oven? Or the fact that I used a hand mixer?? (maybe I overbeat since the butter was cold and it was difficult to cream with a hand mixer) Aside from that I followed your recipe to a T! Please Help! sorry this is so long!!

  61. debbie koenig

    Hi Amanda. First, I'm glad you like the cookies! And second, I'm sorry you had some trouble with them.

    I have a couple thoughts here. First, it does sound like the second batch (the 11-minute one) was fully baked–these are supposed to be a bit soft in the center when you pull them from the oven. If they're in for even 30 seconds to a minute too long, they might be overdone (though burned is a surprise to me!). I'm going to add a note to the recipe to make this crystal-clear.

    Which brings me to my next thought: Your baking sheet. Is it heavy, light in color, and not warped? The weight of the pan, and even the color of the metal, can make a difference with cookies. Too thin, or too dark, and the cookies will brown considerably faster. If you think your pan might be too lightweight, next time try stacking two of them–you'll only be able to bake one tray at a time, but the extra thickness might fix the problem.

    I hope this helps! If it doesn't, send me an email through the "contact" link and I'll troubleshoot with you some more.

  62. Patrick

    Just wondering if you are using Kosher Salt, or Table Salt…



  63. debbie koenig

    Table salt, Patrick.

  64. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for sharing. These are the nicest, chewiest cookies I've made. cheers! Sara

  65. Grateful..

    This recipe turned me into an avid baker.. now i can't stop trying new things..

    Just hard trying not to make them now..


  66. Anonymous

    right now im making the cookies! and just the dough is Delicious!!!! best cookie ever!

  67. Amy Beth

    There are a million recipes for the best chocolate chip cookie and the reason I tried yours WAS the last line. I thought anyone who would write that MUST have a pretty great cookie recipe going on. Now I am grateful I chose this recipe because man alive, these are truly the best cookies I have ever tasted. I didnt have parchment paper but my baking sheet is on the heavier side, light in color and nonstick and honestly I am not changing a thing next time for fear I will get a different result. Unreal flavour and texture.
    Also, sometimes you need to use the word fuck freely. And I have a 12 year old. Children will hear bad words AND read them. What we want is for them to wait to use them – not censor the world around them. I told my son a long time ago that I didnt want him using bad words to be naughty or test boundaries or be cool. I wanted him to wait to use them for when he was older and using them as a way of expression. When no other word will do, a curse word is perfectly acceptable to me! Dont DONT change your last line.

  68. Donna

    Debbie, you are the BEST! I was googling for a roasted squash recipe with Moroccan spices and found you – and your chocolate chip recipe. Your last line will make me come back to your blog again and again. I'm a quilt blogger, and your blog is definitely going on my blogroll!

  69. Kelli

    I love love love these cookies! YUMMY! I have been baking all afternoon as I am making three batches of these wonderful cookies for my kids birthday party tomorrow. The kids and I tried them out together and we LOVE THEM! and I really like telling people that I made something from scratch, lol. BTW, the comments of people complaining over your HORRIBLE(<<sarcasm) language is laughable and entertaining 🙂 These cookies are fucking amazing! Thanks for sharing it!

  70. Shirls

    This is definitely THE BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe I've ever made and tasted! No more toll house/pillsbury dough (when I'm feeling really lazy) for me! Thank you so much! This has to the best cookies in the entire world. My roomie was a HUGE fan of em too. Thanks for sharing =)

  71. Anonymous

    Love your cookies. How do you measure your flour? What size of cookie scoop do you use? Do you round cookies after your scoop out?


  72. debbie koenig

    Again, thanks for the compliments! Sometimes when I'm feeling a little blue, I come to this page just to get an ego boost…

    Anon, I measure the flour by first fluffing it up a bit with a spoon, then spooning it into the cup & sweeping the excess off the top with the back of a knife. And the cookie scoop I use for this one is a generous tablespoon:

    I don't flatten them out–they spread nicely without help.

  73. Jodigurl

    This is seriously the most amazing recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Perfection is an understatement! I have baked them twice now and they were better the second time. The perfect combonation of crunchie and chewie chocolate goodness. Thank you for sharing it. It is my go to CCCRecipe 4 ever! I have an amazing recipe for white chocolate chip cranberry pistaccio cookies. They are devine, and also have a touch of shreadded coconut and oats. if you would like it, let me know and I will send it to you.

  74. Maria

    Mine tasted good but didn't pool out like your pic. I should say I'm from Scotland and a complete novice with cookies! – Should I have rolled the dough up and sliced into coins? I put lumps of dough on the sheets thinking they would melt out but they didn't really.

  75. Anonymous

    HI! i would just like to say that my family has never been a real big fan of my "homemade" baking good. like whenever i make homemade cookies they never come out good. When i made these my whole family asked what kind of cookies i bought and when i told them they were homemade they were amazed! these could possible be the best homemade cookies! I put the chocolate chips in before i mixed it around and it ended up turning them into chocolate cookies… and then after i put more chocolate chips in. So they ended up being chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

  76. debbie koenig

    Maria, there are so many variables with cookie baking, it's hard to say why yours didn't spread as much as mine do–but my first guess would be that yours ended up with a bit too much flour. How do you measure? I fluff up the flour with a spoon, then spoon it into the measuring cup and sweep across. If you scoop with the measuring cup, you can get more flour, which would affect spread.

    Jodigurl & anon, I'm so glad you liked the results!

  77. What's For Dinner?

    Deb, why did you have to make these amazing cookies? I can NOT stop myself from making them 🙂 They are sooooo good:) Mine didn't come out as pretty as yours but man the taste was incomparable to anything I have made prior.

  78. Melissa

    I have a cookie recipe I tend to usually use. But today I was looking for a little bit of a different recipe. Something not as time consuming, but still would make a great cookie. I looked at about 20 different cookie recipes online and settled on this one. I am SOOOOO glad I did! These are easy to make, and turn out really delicious. I didn't have any parchment paper… so I greased my pan and for the last minute of baking I put it on the lower rack. It made the bottom of the cookies a little crispy too. SUPER YUMMY! Thank you for sharing!

  79. Jennie Morgan

    Tried these and they were great! If you'd like a really fast and easy recipe for chocolate chip cookies, you can melt the butter first, then add the sugar, and it comes out nice too. I posted the recipe here:

    Really easy chocolate chip cookies

  80. sylvia

    OH my!! These were delicious!! I have to admit, I couldn't wait until they were completely patience ran out too quick! 🙂
    Thanks for the great recipe

  81. Cecilia

    Thanks Debbie! I've spent years looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I don't bake that much. I noticed way back in your comments about creaming cold butter with a hand mixer and wanted to share my fix. When my mixer did nothing but create little butter-sugar pellets I broke out the wooden spoon and creamed by hand. It takes a bit of force but I was glad for that exercise. After baking them up the next day I had five of them they were so good. Definitely worth an expletive or two. This one's a sure_fucking_fire keeper. 🙂


  82. debbie koenig

    Thanks for the cookie love, all!

    And Cecilia, I love that you did this with a wooden spoon. You must have some major upper arm strength. (Love your colorful language, too!)

  83. Trish

    I just made these cookies and had to burst into spontaneous dance too! I've been searching for the perfect cookie for ages and this is it! Thank you! Frankly, the last line sold it for me….

  84. Jen.T

    I thought a half of a pound of butter was one stick?

  85. debbie koenig

    Jen, I always remember it this way: There are four sticks in a pound of butter, so each is a quarter-pound. To make things more confusing, each stick is eight tablespoons, which is a half-CUP. Hope that helps!

  86. .alana.

    Im at the Pre-heat step as we speak, im not a very kitchen savvy woman but every wednesday I try something new and this week it's this! Ill let you know how it goes!

  87. Heather

    This recipe is perfection! I've been looking for that *perfect* crispy on the edges chewy in the middle cookie for literally years. The hope of having cookies in my kitchen that looked like your pictures pushed me to start a batch right away, and I was not disappointed! This cookie dough is now a constant fixture in my fridge…and I swear I must bake a few up at least four times a week. Perfect perfect perfect. THANK YOU!

  88. Anonymous

    HFS is right! These are delicious! How do you measure your flour? Have you weighed it out in grams or ounces? I love my kitchen scale and want to make sure these babies come out HFS consistent every time. Any help would be great, thanks for a great recipe.

  89. debbie koenig

    @alana: How did they turn out? Hope you liked them!

    @heather: You're welcome!

    @anon: I fluff up the flour in the canister, then scoop it with a spoon into a measuring cup & sweep across the top to remove the excess. I know weighing is more accurate, but I've never had a problem w/this recipe using the scoop & sweep method.

  90. Linda

    My cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, just how I like them 🙂
    However, they are a bit gritty to me, as if the brown sugar hasn't dissolved much at all. Any idea what I did wrong? FYI, I used a hand mixer.

  91. debbie koenig

    Linda, I suspect it's the mixer, but I'm not sure. I want to check a few things. If you'll email me through the "contact" button at top right, I'll try to help you out!

  92. Anonymous

    this recipe sucked, i baked the batter did exactly what the directions told me to. i prepared the cookies in their shape efore putting them into the oven, after 11-13 minutes i checked the cookies and they completely melted into the liquid batter in the pan, very disappointing.

  93. debbie koenig

    Gosh, Anon, I'm sorry your experience was so terrible! But announcing that the recipe "sucks" might be a bit much. Hundreds of people have made these cookies and reported back and not a single one has ever shared your experience, so I'm inclined to think the problem isn't with the recipe. Cold dough doesn't "melt" in 11 to 13 minutes.

    And next time, you might consider using a name, even initials, or contacting me for help rather than just being rude anonymously. Maybe we could have solved the problem together, instead of just making you look like a boor.

  94. Jennifer

    Well I thought they were amazing! I've been looking for a recipe like this forever but most of the ones I've tried turn out cakey and I'm not usually a fan of cakey cookies. I had to use margarine instead because I didn't have enough butter left but they still turned out perfectly. I think I will make them with a small cookie scoop next time and see how they turn out. For some reason I prefer smaller cookies.

  95. debbie koenig

    So glad you liked them, Jennifer! If you do bake them smaller, be sure to adjust the baking time–I'd start checking at 9 minutes the first time around.

  96. ziL

    These cookies look so good, but I think I did something wrong! When I baked the cookies, they came out completely flat! I chilled the dough like the recipe said, but I admite that I did use my hands to mold them since I do not have a cookie scooper. Do you think maybe that was the problem? (actually, when I think about it, most of my homemade cookies come out flat…)

  97. debbie koenig

    ziL, I'm so sorry they came out flat! According to the book Bakewise by Shirley Corriher (which I highly recommend) there are a handful of reasons why cookies come out flatter than we'd like, mostly due to the ingredients used. Did you use exactly what was listed in the recipe? Swapping marg for butter, for example, or tinkering with the amounts of sugar–even under-measuring the flour just a bit–can make a difference. Shaping them by hand would make them spread faster, since the dough isn't as cold when it hits the oven, but I wouldn't think they'd be completely flat just from that.

    Next time measure the flour super-carefully (I fluff the flour with a spoon, then spoon it into the measuring cup and sweep across the top). And maybe try using two soup spoons to scoop out the dough, and make sure the dough is really cold.

  98. Anonymous

    Don't ever change that last line! The only way I know to find this recipe is to Google "holy fucking shit chocolate chip cookies", although by now I pretty much have it memorized, I make it for friends and family all the time and have had several people tell me its the best cookie they've ever had, although it's possibly they were just being kind >.>

  99. Gina

    i found this recipe just simply googling "home made chocolate chip cookies" i cant wait to try it 🙂 my only concern is i accidently picked up medium sized eggs…is it ok to just use one of those?

  100. debbie koenig

    Gina, I think you should be fine–the difference in volume between a medium and a large is relatively small, since we're only talking about a single egg.

  101. Francesca

    Made these tonight! Did it on a whim and literally had 45 minutes to find the recipe (already bookmarked), made the dough, and bake- I ran out of the house with a dozen hot cookies in a tupperware to get to a commitment. I subbed 1/2 cup of bread flour for AP flour (had it on hand) and eyeballed a bunch of chopped dark chocolate (actually had enough in there it was almost falling out of the dough in some places hah), and obviously didn't have time to chill the first batch, but I'm about to bake some from the refrigerated dough! [: they are delicious, and once cooled become quite crispy without being crunchy- which is prefect since i don't really like super-crunchy cookies. I even had someone request the recipe! thanks for an easy and yummy cookie! also, someone commented about creaming cold butter with an electric mixer, and I too ended up beating out the last butter pellets.

  102. Gigi

    Best cookies I've ever made! Thank you!

  103. Sproot

    Okay, I just made these…and they're delicious, but a)the dough was REALLY crumbly, like, I had to mold them into lumps with my hands, and b)they didn't spread out at ALL. Any suggestions?

  104. debbie koenig

    Sproot, it sounds like there wasn't enough moisture in the dough–how did you measure your flour? I fluff up the flour in the container, then scoop it lightly into the measuring cup & sweep across the top. If you're scooping the cup into the flour, it can condense & you'll wind up with more than you need. Other possible causes are the type of flour (i.e. all-purpose vs bread), the size of the egg (large vs medium), the type of butter (European vs regular stick).

    If this happens again, before adding the chips try adding a teeny bit of vanilla or water (like half a teaspoon), then beating, and adding water incrementally until it's still stiff but not crumbly. Then add the chips by hand, because you don't want to overwork the dough. Hope that helps! Please report back!

  105. Sproot

    Hey it's me again! So, I measured the flour with a lighter touch, and added approx. 3 teaspoons more liquid before the dough started sticking. :S But it tastes good, and it's in the fridge chilling now. 😀

  106. debbie koenig

    Ha! Sounds like this time you erred on the side of too much liquid 😉 If they don't bake up the way you want, feel free to email me via the "contact" button at the top.

  107. Sproot

    They spread out and baked up quite nicely, thank you! I don't know why I had so much trouble with this! It's not like I've never baked before!

  108. Diana T.

    Trying to make some good cookies for my mom she loves cookies thinking it will brighten her day since my dad passed a month ago… Dont eanna screw it uo so ok n the recipe what does it mean turn the sheets front to back and change racks hakfway through step 6 I dont wanna over or undet cook

  109. debbie koenig

    Diana, it means to rotate the trays, to be sure everything bakes evenly. I hope they help your mom! And you, too.

  110. -B

    I baked these cookies, and they didn't work quite the way they were supposed to. I think it's because your recipe contained foul language! 😉 I kid! I kid! This recipe looks excellent. And now, at midnight, I want to bake cookies. Unacceptable! Okay, maybe acceptable. Thanks for (fucking) sharing!

  111. EmilyJ

    These cookies look like the ones for my future children, too, Debbie, and maybe they have pixie dust that brings the future that much closer! One question, I've just made the dough and next time must have much more willpower not to sample the dough (ahem), and am wondering if they delectable cookies in your pics were made using your schlong log or with a cookie scoop. Just want to make sure to make exactly as you did! Many thanks. 🙂

  112. debbie koenig

    B: 😉

    Emily J: Yes, those were made with the scoop! Good luck!

  113. Jamie

    Absolutely Amazing…good work!

  114. nicole

    Well the dough is in the fridge. I have no parchment paper and a very old uneven heating oven. The dough was yummy so im hopeful if i keep a close eye on them i will have good results. I will let you know how they turn out.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Good luck, Nicole! I just finished baking a batch myself. Do yourself a favor & get an oven thermometer–they’re under $10 and much more reliable than an old oven’s thermostat. I’ve got two of em in my own old oven 😉

  115. Shana

    Okay the dough is fantastic! I’m having a hard time resisting while it refrigerates. I added pomegranate seeds, since I stumbled across this recipe a pomegranate and chocolate cookie. So delicious! Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  116. nicole

    Ok update…like I said with a watchful eye they came out great. I am now three batches in in as many weeks. I made the mistake of sharing with my parents and sister and now word has spread like wildfire among family that I make these amazing cookies and they are now all expecting some. Happy holidays i supose. Tis the season for baking. Thank you for thus amazing forever receipe.

  117. jeanette

    i’m on my quest of finding ‘the’ chocolate chip cookies for myself… will definitely keep your recipe on my list! yours looks absolutely amazing. it’s my dream to bake such wrinkly crisp brown looking cookies. argh can’t wait to try!

  118. Will Garcia

    IM begging you to please specify wether the “t.” you are using for ingredient measurment is either tablespoon or teaspoon pleease reply soon! this recipe looks friggin amazing!!!!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Will. It’s teaspoon! Capital T is tablespoon. Sorry for the confusion!

  119. deborah

    Hi. This is the first time I have been successful in baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch! And Yay they came out delish! Thank you so much for posting. I don’t think I will ever be capable of eating the frozen kind again. And your instructions are so easy to follow! Thanks again!

  120. Jo

    You’re a bit of an angel to share these tips. I will incorporate them into my recipe, and try yours too!

  121. Michelle

    Thanks for the recipe – I’m planning on making these for a Christmas party I’m hosting. I chose your recipe mostly because who can resist a “Holy Fucking Shit, these are good” cookie??? Cheers to you!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Exactly, Michelle! HFS, these are good. Happy holidays!

  122. Gail

    I was really enjoying your first cookie recipe until I got to Item 8….you really should leave the swearing out of your recipes! I was shocked when reading how you took something so good and literally trashed it with your trashy talk.

  123. Heather

    ugh, so many prudes! These cookies are fucking phenomenal. you heard me, and I am an educated, loving, caring, kind nurse and I said the F word. If that makes me a horrible person, so be it, because I have the most delicious cookies in the world (I also rolled a few dough balls and put them in the freezer for after a long day at work). thanks for sharing!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Oh my god, Heather, I think you may be my new best friend! Thank you!

  124. Wendy

    Thanks for sharing.Very nice post.

  125. Stephanie

    OMG. I’m about to put them in the oven now!

  126. Stephanie

    Trying to figure out what i did wrong. The cookies didnt flatten out when they cooked. 🙁 Dont get me wrong they are still really yummy. But i wanted that flat cookie like in your picture. :)) help

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hmmm… Could be too much flour/not enough liquid. How do you measure your flour? If you’re scooping with the measuring cup, it’s likely packing in more than you realize. All my recipes call for fluffing the flour lightly with a spoon, then spooning it into the cup and sweeping across the top to remove the excess. I need to figure out a way to say that on the site without repeating it in each recipe!

  127. Eli

    Hi there. I googled best chocolate chip cookie recipe, or something similar and came across several recipes. Yours looked the closest to what I wanted. There’s a bakery in town that makes the best chocolate chip walnut cookies. They’re slightly dry-chewy-crunchy on the outside and moist-chewy-chocolatey on the inside with at least a walnut bite every other bite… So I followed your recipe pretty close, just adding some walnuts and maybe a little less chocolate chips. Also, I didn’t have baking soda and felt ashamed to substitute a larger portion of baking powder. I do not own a mixer so I improvised doing it all by hand. I kept the butter a little colder but it probably is best to do this with a mixer. Despite the inconsistencies, Wow!!! I was not dissapointed. I just ate 2 and a half with a glass of milk. After writing this comment, they’ll have cooled the proper amount of time. I think I’ll go have another right now. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Thanks for writing, Eli! I’m so happy to hear they came out well, especially without a mixer!

  128. Amy

    I made some awesome CCC today from another site. But I might just try yours out next round because of your Holy Fucking Shit comment! LMFAO at the prudes.
    Happy New Year;)

  129. Yasmien Nirvana

    Sounds perfect~!
    Wish I could do the same chocolate chip D:
    I’m no good at pastry D:

  130. Dileri

    I just finished making a batch of these awesome cookies and came online to print off another copy of the recipe, since mine is a little worse for wear. I’ve been making them for years, though I do add nuts to mine. My little boy loves them, too, and tells everyone his mom makes the best cookies in the world. He had a friend over today who tried them and said I had to send the recipe to his mom! So thanks for sharing your recipe!

  131. erika

    you had me at “cookie schlong”
    can’t wait to try these. i too am without a mixer. will let you know how they turn out.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Ooo, Erika, not even a hand-held? I think you’ll probably need to soften the butter first, which will change the finished cookie a bit–give it a shot with cold butter and if it seems like it just won’t mix, let the whole thing sit until the butter softens and try again.

  132. lsmdp

    I have been making the Jacques Torres recipe for the past few years, but yours is much tastier, has better texture, and is easier. Win, win, win! Thank you. I found that cooking at a higher elevation the addition of an extra egg yolk did the trick, and the cookies turned out crisp around the edges and chewy in the middle.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Wow, comparison–and favorable–to Jacques Torres! I’m blushing, and grateful for the compliment. Smart tip, about the extra yolk.

  133. Patty D

    I made these today with the kids for Valentine’s Day accept we used Gluten Free flour b/c my son has allergies, and let me say yummmmmm, so good and chewy just the way we like them. Thanks!!!! They are the best ever.

  134. Jessica

    I don’t take your “Holy Fucking Shit, these are good” comment lightly. As soon as I read this on Thursday, I knew they were being baked this weekend. They are in the fridge as I type this. They will be baked tomorrow. I CANNOT wait!

  135. Jane

    I made the cookie dough last night and put it into the fridge overnight. Now the dough is a rock solid mass that I can’t scoop. Did I do something wrong? HELP!! Looking forward to tasting these cookies! They sound amazing!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Jane! The dough does get quite hard in the fridge, but it’s never been so hard that I can’t scoop it. Try leaving it out for 20 minutes or so, to let it soften a bit. (I can’t say for sure whether you did anything wrong without more details about your ingredients, etc.) And feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  136. A Little Lucidity

    I can’t bake worth crap, although I sincerely wish I could. I can cook, though, so I guess that’s something.
    A friend sent me here because of the comments the anonymous folks left on your original post. I had a similar situation on a friend’s blog, but let’s just say I wasn’t as…um…cordial as you were about it. I’ve attached the link if you’re interested. I’m seriously not plugging my lame blog or my friend’s awesome blog on here. I’m just glad that I’m not the only one who can’t stand anonymous, snarky, cowardly commenters. Cheers!

  137. Laura

    As someone who’s never baked anything more complicated than basic brownies, I took the “cold” butter ingredient to mean straight-out-of-the-fridge cold. Since I didn’t know any better, my cookies turned out a near-disaster. I spent about a half hour trying to get the butter to mush in and mix with the sugar, (even though I cut the butter into pieces like specified) and I ruined my mixing bowl in the process. I talked to my boss, who has been baking since she was 5, and she says you should never ever bake cookies with cold butter. It should always be at room temperature. Judging from all the positive comments, I’m probably the only one who messed this up, but I thought I should point it out.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Laura, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! You did read the instructions right–it’s cold butter. Most of the time you do want room temp butter, but in this case it should indeed be cold. I’ve always said this recipe won’t work without a mixer, but all the reports I’ve gotten from folks with hand mixers have been positive! I wonder if the motor on yours was too weak–working with cold butter definitely does take some heft. At the very least, after working with it for half an hour the butter wouldn’t have been cold anymore!

      1. Laura

        Haha, mayyybe I exaggerated just a bit about working at it for a half-hour. It was probably more like 15 mins, and I think the only reason I finally got it to mix with the sugar was because it was no longer cold! I’ll probably just try mixing it by hand next time because my hand mixer also made the pieces fly around like crazy. In any case, I thought I seriously messed up and was about to just chuck the whole batch, but my bf convinced me to go ahead and bake it, and good thing I did because they did bake OK! And they were good!

        Thanks for the super fast response btw, wow!

        P.S. I just spent about a half hour reading through the comments and laughing at the tight-asses who can’t handle a couple of swear words. Ironically, most of those people don’t seem to have a basic understanding of grammar, which, in my opinion, is a much bigger offense than a little “fuck” there and a little “shit” here.

        1. Debbie Koenig

          Hey, that’s great Laura! Glad they baked up ok. And yeah, I LOVE this post, largely because the comments are so fun.

  138. Laura

    I should also mention that I was using a hand mixer. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

  139. Samantha-16

    I can’t wait to try these! I’m making some for my boyfriend and family and hope they like them. Anywho, to those who are complaining about the cussing get over it. Your kids may not cuss around you but I’m positive they cuss. My parents know I cuss and have been for awhile, but as long as they don’t do it infront of you. Why complain? No kid is perfect!!!

  140. Rosemary

    I want to say thank you for this awesome recipe! I used Andes Mint bits instead of chocolate chips. Let’s just say step 8 is a very pertinent step. 🙂 keep up the awesome work!

  141. ANGEL


  142. Andrea

    So… they are fucking phenomenal! I work at a nursing home as a nurse, to hear the older people say they are what cookies should be ♥!!! It gives me great joy in cooking these I would bow politely now 😀

  143. Patty

    By the time I got to #8, I was exhausted reading the instructions 🙂 Finally too old to make CC cookies, but they look fabulous!

  144. Tara Barker

    After an elusive 24 year search…at last!!! Thanks so much for this chewy, delicious and amazing cookie recipe! I actually made the batter, and decided to be patient and wait the 36 hours before baking. In actuality, I ended up going out of town, leaving the batter in the fridge for 4 days and they still turned out amazing! You Rule!

  145. Bree Addison

    Hi Debbie…

    I’m still uming and ahing about whether this truely is the best effin cookie ever… I WANT to subscribe to it… I want to believe it, but I must have done something wrong, or maybe i just like a different type of cookie. I used butter that was pretty cool, but not straight out of the fridge. I only just got a kitchenAid and so creaming on low seemed to only get the butter/sugar to a sandy consistency… is that right? i mixed on a level 3 I’d say. was that too low? I am also in Australia and wasn’t conviced American measuring cups of flour and Aussie cups are the same, so I measured the flour out in grams… might not have been enough? I used the cup measuring cup but then dumped it into a bowl on the scale just to be sure. All the conversion websites said 1.5c of plain flour would equal 187g, but it definitely got to 187g before I got the last 1/2 cup fully emptied… as a result my cookies spred and ended up quite thin, but the texture was nice (and so was the taste, just not enough to make me cough up a good swear word or two!) , but I’m a tollhouse girl (and admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve made that recipe too)… I think I’m going to have to try again, with fridge cold butter and make both recipes back to back… abstain from eating all the dough, let it chill over night and THEN compare… 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe though 🙂

  146. anon

    Thanks so much for cussing! And please do more of it! Parents can’t keep their kids from hearing “bad words”, but they can teach them to use these words in appropriate settings and contexts to help communicate powerful feelings like the ones we all have when we find the perfect cookie!

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderous journey with us all — I split (generously) the chocolate with pecans toasted with cinnamon and it was a KILLER addition! If you like pecans and cinnamon, do try it!

  147. ProudMomOfTwo!!!

    Best Cookie Recipe I have ever FOUND!! EVER!!!! Too bad they didnt last over 24hrs… do you have a remedy for that problem? But seriously you need to be commended for putting simplistic joy back into my bake life… I dont have a sex life anymore… mostly because ever time we do it, I get pregnant, but I LOVE MY BAKE LIFE!!! plus I get to share this passion of mine with more people than just my hubby! lol Thanks so much for putting smiles on my families faces!! 🙂

    1. Debbie Koenig

      This gets my vote for Comment of the Week, ProudMom!!! Thank you!

  148. Shanneen

    I made these earlier today and put them in the fridge to chill. When my partner came home I just popped four into the oven. Baked for 12 minutes and they were perfect! So moist and chewy. Will bake some for the kids tomorrow! Thanks

  149. Hollie

    I followed the recipe exactly…except for the one mistake or forgetting the brown sugar, but i mixed it in right before i put it in the fridge. I also didn’t use the parchment paper because we didn’t have any… And the cookies just arn’t cooking. The Temp is at 350…but its still taking forever.
    At first I put them in for 16 mins. but they weren’t done, so i put them in for another 10 mins…still not done. So now i have them in for another 20 mins, but i keep checking on them..and currently yes they are in the oven.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hollie, do you have an oven thermometer inside your oven? The only explanation I can think of is that your oven’s dial is way, way off! In kitchen stores they sell little metal thermometers that you hang off the rack, and if you go by that rather than the temp control dial you’re usually in good shape. Other than the temperature, I have no idea what could be wrong! That’s the only explanation for something that’s literally not cooking.

  150. amber k

    Oh my effing gawd debbie, I followed this recipe like a religious ritual, and my cookies turned out amazeballs. This is the cookie recipe to end all others. Briefly for a moment I thought of foregoing my military career in the Air Force to just bake and sell these for profit. I decided against that when I realized I would eat all of them before ever making it to market. Good God woman, I’ve never made something more perfect. My 3 kids worship me, my husband can’t keep his hands off me….thanks to your cookies. God bless America and God bless the cookies! 🙂

    1. Debbie Koenig

      This wins my prize for Comment of the Week. Thanks, Amber!

  151. Sara

    Thank you for the incredible cookie recipe. The chew and crunch are the perfect blend.

  152. hana

    i am attempting to make this but i have one question – do u put the dough in the freezer or just the chiller?
    just to make sure 🙂
    i’m imagining the dough will be quite hard in the freezer, no?

    btw i’ve been searching for the perfect choc chips recipe and i hope this is it!
    tq for sharing!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Hana! You can do either, believe it or not, but the recipe calls for refrigeration. If you freeze it, form the dough balls first–you’re right, the dough will be too firm to scoop straight from the freezer. Good luck!

  153. Calvin Johnson

    The best I ever had and I’ve had lots of chocolate chips.

  154. lauren

    These cookies were so good my boyfriend ate 10 in the time I had eaten 3. I used self-rising flour since it was all I had on hand and the cookies came out soft and decadent. When it comes to anything we add to our regular cooking repertoire, we like to try out a recipe or two (or three or four) and then stick with one we like and tweak it as we see fit. With these cookies, we both threw that out the window and don’t see a need to look elsewhere for a bomb-ass chocolate chip cookie recipe, and of course will be making them very soon. And I found out the hard way to not the dough. I was warned! Yes, I said bomb-ass.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      “Bomb-ass” is nearly as delightful as “holy fucking shit,” if you ask me. Glad you liked them!

  155. CHRISSY

    i cannot wait to try this tonight…my mouth is watering just thinking about it…quick question..leave dough in bowl and scoop out tomorrow OR form schlong and cut with knife??

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Chrissy! It’s up to you, really. Cutting from a schlong seems to make a more delicate cookie, in my experience–if you want one that’s good & chewy in the center, go with scooping dough after it’s chilled. Or you can scoop into balls and then chill the balls. So many options!

      1. CHRISSY

        WHAT DO I DO???? 🙂

        1. Debbie Koenig

          You’ll be fine, Chrissy! Either one will work, really. Semi-sweet will just be a little bit sweeter, that’s all. Go for it!

          1. CHRISSY

            so i made the dough last night it was delicious…but i did mess up of course..i forgot to cream the brown sugar with the butter and sugar at the begginning so i added it last minute…and the egg wasnt at room temp for long..Will all that affect the baking

  156. Chrissy

    Omg these were soooo good! They never made it out of kitchen to the table! I will be making these again later in the week..thanks for the tips

  157. Calvin Johnson

    The best ever

  158. debbie roberts

    i have never been so disgusted in my life as i was with this recipe! Actually not the recipe but rather #8. What kind of mother has a mouth like that! Every child deserves better than that! As a teacher, it is normally easy to tell which children have paremts that use such deplorable language! i woukd not talk to a dog like that! Please consider what example you are settng. You know they often take children from homes where they are abused. i long for the day they take them from homes where they remove children who are emotionally & mentally abused!

    1. Taryn

      Wait, you’re a teacher? I long for the day where they remove kids from a classroom with a teacher who can’t spell or capitalize!

  159. Paula Cohen-Martin

    My mom worked with seriously abused children. A few curses when describing cookies should not be compared in any way, shape or form to child abuse.

    Teachers should set an example by recognizing and reporting actual child abuse and not even consider putting it in the same category as the occasional curse.

    Now I’m going to bake a damned cookie.

  160. Catherine

    First: thank you! This is brilliant. Second, I haven’t read all the comments so I don’t know if someone has already suggested this, but….have you experimented with molasses (or dark treacle as it’s called here in UK)? It achieves the sought-after chewiness and even allows some reduction in the huge amount of butter. I cut the sugar & butter a bit and dump in some molasses & oats until I achieve the usual taste & texture and results are excellent & slightly healthier for the kids.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      I love that idea, Catherine! Will have to try it. THANK YOU!

  161. Denise

    So I typed “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever” into Google and up popped this website! I was intrigued when you wrote that you decided to keep the last comment in…then I saw it and I laughed my ass off! And guess what? I AM A PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER! The example I feel you are setting is an AMAZING ONE: a woman of great humor, authenticity, and someone who brings joy to many, many people based on the 99% of extremely positive comments on here. Old Debbie Roberts evidently hasn’t held many schlongs lately, cookie or otherwise. Thank you for this fucking awesome recipe and PLEASE DON’T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE FOR ANYONE! 🙂

  162. CHRISSY

    so ive made these twice…OMG sooo good…we cant get enough….can i double the recipe to freeze some or should i just do it separate?

  163. Cookie Baker

    I love these best of all cookies. But one night I made them in reverse order of ingrediants. Basically just dumping all the stuff in my mixer at once.
    Well, let me tell ya…they were practically unrollable into balls they had a bit too much flour in them. But I baked them that way. They almost came out like keebler m&m cookie crunchy with that golden toffee perfect crunch thing.
    I need a cookie fix now. I’ve made them that way only once. Am going to see if I can duplicate it a second time. Oh yea, I add walnuts too.

  164. Amy S

    I’ve made these a few times. Don’t have access to a mixer so I had to stir by hand with a wooden spoon (had to let the butter soften. As a result they were a little flat but still fantastic. I’ve also tried replacing half the chocolate chips for peanut butter or butterscotch chips. So tasty! We now swear by this recipe at home. Thank you!

  165. Mike

    Just put the dough in the fridge, I am very excited for these to come out of the oven later tonight! I shared your page on a website called because of the last line, and they’re gonna love it! I hope…they can be a little testy. Anyways thanks! I’ll let you know how they turn out!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Wow, Mike, I’m honored to be posted on Reddit! Fingers crossed they’re kind 😉

      1. Mike

        I’ve now made this dough 3 times and every time it turns out INCREDIBLE! Thanks Debbie 😀

  166. Charlie

    I love this post! Sat here & laughed my ass off at work…just great stuff! And let me say I LOVE these when they are hot out of the oven. But do not let them sit. They get dry and crumbly and taste like something from the bakery (which is not my favorite). Thanks for the laughs!

  167. larrin

    these were amazing i made them for my family they loved them! i shared thes recipe with my mom and she made them for her whole work now she kees asking me to make more and to find shuch good recipes.

  168. Daliah

    Your gutter mouth made me laugh out loud. I make I will try these. These are the ones I make and get rave reviews. I do triple to vanilla as I read to do that somewhere. I notice your recipe has almost as much vanilla as the one I use, but like a third of the flour. I like the idea of freezing balls of cookie dough. The recipe is so large, that I can’t make it all in one day. Luckily it lasts in the fridge until I can finish.

  169. Kentucky Baker

    I just have to tell you that I found this recipe not long after you posted it the first time. Almost eight years later, and it is STILL my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s the one that I make all the time, and all of my friends/co-workers rave and ask me what the secret is. They can never believe it when I give them the ingredient list, because it’s so simple and straightforward. I’ve never had this recipe NOT work, and I just wanted to thank you so much for it. My favorite cookie recipe by FAR!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Wow, Kentucky Baker, THANK YOU! What a lovely thing to hear. FWIW, it’s my favorite cookie recipe, too 😉

  170. Libby

    I made my regulars the other day and something happened… They were horrible! Don’t know what happened but ever since I’ve been looking for the perfect CCC. I found your blog and recipe, but this can’t be the best because it doesn’t have pecans in it. I may try the recipe and add nuts. Who knows, that may very well be the best chocolate chip cookie ever! I’ll let you know…

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Do report back, Libby! Would love to hear how they turn out. I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to CCC, but I can definitely appreciate a good pecan CCC.

  171. Patrick Walker

    Cream the butter and sugars for 3 – 5 minutes to dissolve all the large sugar crystals; this keeps this from happening during baking and minimizes the spreading of the cookies. If you don’t, the sugars will melt in the oven and cause more spreading.
    I also refrigerate the dough and use a small ice cream scoop and level off so that each cookie is the same size and weight. This makes for even baking. p.s. I also add 50% more chocolate chips to each batch so you get a good taste of chocolate in each bite!

  172. Antanae

    I dont know what I did wrong, or maybe you guys are pumping these cookies up. because the dough that I made ( I didn’t even bake it because the dough tasted beyond horrible ) tasted like poison.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Antanae, do you want help trying to figure it out? In the eight years since I first posted this recipe, you’re the first to report anything close to this! Usually this dough is so good raw, it’s hard to actually bake them. I’ve even got a spinoff recipe of “truffles” made with it.

  173. Antanae

    Yes! I would love your help(:

  174. KitschenBitsch

    FYI… I made these tonight with 1/2 c dark brown sugar and 1/4 cup white sugar and half bittersweet/half semisweet chips. I didn’t chill the dough because I’m impatient and hormonal. The result was fabulous texture, crisp edge, gooey center, and I ate five for dinner. I’m considering seven for dessert, but I’m starting to feel a buzz from the chocolate.

  175. Sary Al-Assad

    I made the cookies yersterday (20 hours in refrigerator).

    My wife and everyone else loved it. And yes, I heard the “these are the best cookies I ate in my life”.

    I don’t know how to cook. I can prepare simple things in the kitchen, and suddenly I make these wonderful cookies. Thank you 🙂

    Can I use other ingredients instead of the chocolate chips? M&Ms for example?


    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Sary. So glad they were a hit! I love hearing from folks who don’t cook that much!

      You can definitely use other ingredients for the chips, though I’m not sure swapping out 100% would be so pleasing. I’d start with 50-50 and see how you like it. There’s no “wrong,” as long as the measurements are approx equivalent–it’s all up to your tastebuds.

  176. DelcoDawg

    These cookies are good, but this ghetto chick is no Betty Crocker with trash talk like that!

  177. SophieB

    Hi Debbie, am dying to try this recipe but am unsure of a few ingredients as I am from Australia. How much in grams is a “stick” of butter? What is granulated sugar? Is it possible for you to recreate this recipe using metric measurements ie grams? Thanks 🙂

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Sophie. A stick of butter is 1/4 pound, which Google tells me is 113g. Granulated sugar is regular ol’ white sugar (as opposed to confectioners’/powdered). I haven’t converted this recipe, but there are loads of recipe converters online–this one looks good!

  178. Erika

    I just made nine of these cookies, and, although they already are delicious in their warm state, it seems like they will turn into the perfect balance of crispy and chewy once they are completely cool.

    I did make two adjustments to the recipe and directions, though: I had to use darker brown sugar instead of light brown sugar since I do not think you can find the light brown kind in regular Norwegian grocery stores (but next time I make these, I will try to substitute 50 % of the dark brown sugar with white sugar). I also placed the baking sheet in the upper 3/4 and the lower 2/4 of my oven, and I forgot to rotate the sheet.

    Anyways, I think this has been my most successfull attempt at making CCCs so far, so thanks for the recipe!:)

    1. Debbie Koenig

      That’s great, Erika! I think using all dark-brown won’t change the cookies too-too much. If anything they’ll be a little chewier/more toffee-flavored. Maybe next time I make a batch, I’ll try that myself…

  179. joyce

    These were incredible! They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, all my baking life, in a Chocolate Chip Cookie. Taste and texture were perfect! The only thing I did differently, was to use Chocolate Chunks, cut in half, and I sprinkled sea salt on the cookies before baking. Perfection! Thank you so much!

  180. Alissa

    Wow….these are the best cookies I have ever made. I do have a question…I did not use unsalted butter (they still turned out great) do they taste a lot different with unsalted butter? Great recipe, thank you.

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Alissa. Glad you like the cookies! I’ve never made these with salted butter, so I couldn’t say for sure how different they taste–that would depend upon the butter, since each brand might have more or less in its formula. That’s why baking usually calls for unsalted–so you can control how much goes in. Hope that makes sense…

  181. Dom

    Hey Debbie, i’m about to make these… do you mind if I share the recipe on my site? I will link back to yours of course? Many Thanks Dom x

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Hi Dom, thanks so much for asking! If this works for you, I’d prefer you use your own photo and list the ingredients, then link back to me for the instructions. Again, I really appreciate you checking in first–not enough people do that.

      1. dom

        that’s fab (would always check first and always take my own photo’s)… I’m probably going to convert the ingredients from cups to grams which is more UK friendly. I may tweak slightly too but I’ll report back and link back to show people the official original (and no doubt the best x)

  182. Alicia

    The last line is the reason I baked these. I showed my husband and he thought I wrote it! Ha! I love your gutter mouth almost as much as I love your cookies! Thanks so much. Hardest part is leaving that delish dough in the fridge. An hour is a long time when you’re itching for some cookies. They’ve never made it 36hrs.

  183. Elissa R

    I receive your book “Parents need to eat too” as a birthday present, and when I got it, I made the cookies right away! I made them in the afternoon, so it was easier to wait ’til the next day. And oh my goodness!!!!!! These cookies are the best cookies in the entire universe!!! I bake 6 at a time, and freeze the rest, because once I eat one, I have to eat the rest! And then I cry, and then I bake some more to make the sadness go away! You are so nice to share this recipe online with your readers. Your recipe is the bomb!

  184. Jenny

    I love this recipe, but can I double it? Thanks!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Yes, Jenny, it doubles beautifully. I’ve even tripled it, but that nearly overwhelmed my stand mixer.

  185. Cait

    I had the perfect cookie recipe once upon a time… but I lost it.

    My dad’s girlfriend just finished my laundry while I was at school, and I was looking for a cookie recipe to make her as thanks.

    This is gunna be it! Hope they’re amazing! 😀

    BTW – The people bitching about the last line probably shouldn’t really reproduce, Lol. 10 year olds have heard – and said – much much worse at school. School is just about as bad as a prison language wise these days…

    Maybe even worse! Prisons at least have nurses!

  186. Cat

    These really are the best facking cookies ever!!!!!! Thanks so much for ending my search for good chocolate chip cookies

  187. Alana

    For those who don’t share this recipe with others shame on you! Why let the joy stop with you? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to have these delicious cookies when they want them instead of when YOU decide to make them for them? I used to work with a lady who would always bring in baked treats. She refused to share her recipes with anyone. One day I said to her in jest, “You know, if you die tomorrow we’ll remember you every time we bake one of your recipes!” I didn’t know it but this lady had Lupus. She died two years later. No one has her recipes. How sad. Now share this bleeping recipe!

  188. Jeannie

    Hi Debbie! Quick (and very ignorant) question: how big exactly are chocolate chunks? I’ve just put the dough in the fridge but I used chocolate squares (I.e. the little squares that Cadbury choc bars can be broken into) and now realize that they may be a little toooo big. Please help? 🙂

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Not ignorant, Jeannie! Do you mean like this kind of thing? That’s probably too big, yes! Chocolate chunks are usually just a little more substantial than a chocolate chip, but not a mouthful all to themselves. If you did use those big squares, you can just consider this an experiment. Let me know how it turns out, and good luck!

  189. Cindy

    I have been using this recipe for years and was getting ready to make some cookies and couldn’t find it in any of my saved places. Thank you for still having it posted! I need to get this to a safe spot forever! Merry Christmas.

  190. Jeff

    My best chocolate chip cookie? Use the recipe on the tollhouse chips bag and substitute the butter with butter flavored Crisco. Yum…

    1. britney spears

      Tollhouse cookies? you probably have no idea what you’re talking about bc these debbie koenig cookies are the best that i’ve ever tried.

  191. Liz

    THANK YOU!! My (sometimes) better half was wanting some darn good cookies. He works for the county and plows up this yucky snow. To make it worse he does it at night… So I found your amaaaaaaaaazing cookie art and baked it right up and whamo success! He ate a ton. Now i love him to death but he usually has a complaint or “improvement” as he calls it, this time not a word came out of his mouth, just happy chewing. He made the mistake of taking it to work with him that night and low and behold i am now the go to cookie gal. i give you credit and now i am giving you a shout out from all of us! THANK YOU!!!

  192. candy woods

    i like the chocolate chips hard, not soft chocolate chips.what am i doing wrong the chocolate is always soft

    1. Debbie Koenig

      That’s about the chips, not the recipe! Try a different brand/type.

  193. gina

    Hi Debbie,

    I followed the recipe to a T but the dough turned out a light brown color almost white as did the cookies. The dough also became very crumbly after refrigerating for about 4 hours.

    The cookies turned out thick at the end not thin and crispy. I also used parchment paper and a thick pan but the cookies started to burn even before finished.

    What could I have done wrong?

    1. Debbie Koenig

      I’m so sorry you had trouble, Gina! I suspect this has something to do with your flour–sounds like it absorbed too much moisture from the dough. If you wouldn’t mind, take a look at the label and let me know what brand/type it is. Or you could try using 1/4 cup less next time.

      As for the burning, it could be that your oven runs hot. Do you have an oven thermometer? You can buy them at kitchen shops for a couple bucks, and they hang from the rack inside the oven–I trust mine more than the one that came with the oven!

  194. PJ

    Wow, I was already won over and ready to head to the kitchen, just by reading the recipe and your blog. Then I started reading the comments about them, and now I’m sitting here in a puddle of drool!!!
    By the way, your last line….I had to reread it to be sure…at first it kind of almost took my breath away. Next I thought, “I wonder if someone else wrote that on here and she doesn’t know it’s there?” Not that I am that terribly moved by cursing, I used to do a lot of it! I am now an ex-curser, lol, but I’ve heard…and most likely said…it all! Anyway, a moment after I had that thought, I actually laughed out loud! 🙂
    So, it’s too late now to start baking, but this will be my mission right after breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!! ….and the laugh!

  195. Elizabeth

    After an exhaustive/unfortunate day I googled “best fucking cookie recipe ever”. Thank you.

  196. Lisa

    Also followed this recipe to a T and the cookies were a huge disappointment. They came out extremely greasy and flat. Any thoughts as to what may have caused this? Your batches looked so amazing!!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Oh no! If you did everything exactly as written, they should’ve come out just fine. Was the butter straight-out-of-the-fridge cold, and the dough well chilled before baking? The only other thing I can think of is the baking powder. If it’s old, it may not have had enough oomph to raise the cookies. Maybe try again with a new canister!

  197. Katey

    Lol. These have got to be the ugliest looking choco chip cookies I’ve ever seen. So flat. Let’s hope they taste better than they look.

  198. maria

    Hello Debbie,
    Greetings from greece!I have been reading the comments and swallowing my saliva unable to do anything as it is 2 am and I got no ingredients….tomorrow will be the day!I will get back to you and let you know.thanks for sharing anyway,its not very common.

  199. Taste USA


  200. Taste USA

    Excellent cookies, easy recipe, and my kids gobbled them up. They tell me the raw dough is yucky though, ha ha. this is the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever tasted

  201. Stan

    The H*** F****** S*** comment makes it easy for me to remember where to find this most excellent recipe. Funny how the mind works!

  202. Evangelina Paoluccio

    Dear Debbie,

    I have come back to this recipe about every 2 weeks. I practically have your entire article/ recipe memorized.

    These cookies have become a favorite with all my family. You have transformed my reputation as a chocolate chip cookie baker to an Olympic gold!

    I have to admit that every time I come to the recipe I google ” best fucking chocolate chip cookie” and you are the first one on google every time!!!!!!!!!

    I love this recipe!!!! Thank you so much for posting it. It changed my life! ( gained 10 lbs all attributed to baking and eating these cookies at 1am.

    I have even overseen my little preschooler and 2nd grader make them and enter this recipe in the fair and they both have received a blue ribbon! Wish I could send you a pic!

    1. Debbie Koenig

      Oh my goodness, thank you so fucking much! I’m glad to know you’ve reached Olympic gold status!

  203. Evangelina paoluccio

    For the last 10 years I always go back to this recipe. And the way I get to is is googling “holy fucking shit, these are good” chocolate chip cookies.

    I have used this recipe for so many parties and gifts.

    Even my kids now know this recipe by heart.

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