5 responses to “My Writing Life”

  1. Amber

    Blow that horn, baby, blow it! 🙂 I love reading all of this stuff, Debbie.

  2. Carrietracy


    First of all, your baked goods always look great to me. Come on, how am I supposed to reference you as an authority if you’re saying you’re not any good at it!!

    Also, my favorite type of fiction is fiction with food in it. I like memoirs with food in them too. Just in case you were wondering if there’s an audience for that non-cookbook writing…and I’ll love you even more if you put recipes in that foodie fiction. Hint. Hint.

  3. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    I could never be sick of you. Promo away – you give a good interview!

  4. Eileen

    And you blow that horn with both grace & humor. Wishing you much abundance & greater fandom every day!

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