5 responses to “Corn, Zucchini, and Spicy Pesto Pizza”

  1. Marie

    You’ve been missed, Deb, but this recipe makes up for lost time 😉
    I’d forgotten all about this crust recipe, and how great it tastes – thanks for the reminder!
    Good luck with the party. Last week was our granddaughter’s third (we’re her guardians)and if we made it through that, I know you can survive the lightsabers.
    The lamps, on the other hand, might not be as lucky….

  2. Brette Sember

    I too am using lots of corn and zukes now. This looks yummy!

  3. Sarah House

    This looks great, and so good to see a post again! I am wondering about the Jim Lahey dough recipe. I have tried this a couple of times, but when I have done it, it somes out too ‘stiff’, like there isn’t enough water, and it doesn’t seem to grow. Do you experience this, should I try it again?

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