Star Wars Birthday Party Planning

Star Wars Birthday Party Planning

It’s birthday time. Please pray for me.

Harry’s birthday wasn’t always a sign of Mommy’s Impending Nervous Breakdown. His first one went smoothly enough, just cute little cupcakes. I don’t think he minded. Or maybe he did.

By his second year, some weird, ambitious fire had been lit within me. He’d developed an interest obsession with construction vehicles, so I thought I’d make him a cake with a construction site on it. That’s the last time I’ll use packaged writing gel.

In 2009, a certain Disney handyman was the obsession, which stoked the fire further. Fondant Handy Manny characters were nearly the death of me.

For his fourth birthday, all Harry cared about was fire trucks. Red frosting, aaargh!

Last year, the boy was all about Cars 2. Lightning McQueen cake: check. Mommy’s nervous breakdown: check.

Stephen thinks I’m crazy. You probably do, too. But over the summer, Harry discoveredĀ Star Wars.Ā The original ones (of course; we’re old-school people). So on Sunday, we’re having a Star Wars Spectacular.

I made Jedi robes, people. He’s modeling a sample above. I don’t sew.

I’ve spent idle minutes (ha) over the last few weeks creating a Star Wars Party Pinterest board. I made pool noodle lightsabers. We’re serving Yoda Soda and Ewok Juice-boks, with custom labels designed by the birthday boy. This afternoon Harry and I are making pretzel rod lightsabers. And tomorrow, I’ll be spending most of the day making a… wait for it… Millennium Falcon cake. In 3-D.

I can’t wait to see what goes wrong.

(I’ve written a bit about the party on my Weight Watchers blog: First, about how I’m planning to deal with my own diet issues, and this morning about how to throw a healthy kid’s birthday party.)

ETA: This. Guess I can stop wondering what’ll go wrong now.