6 responses to “Coming to the Institute of Culinary Education: Parents Need to Eat Too”

  1. Stacie @OneHungryMama

    This is so exciting! Congrats, Debbie. The class will surely be wonderful—the menu says it all. And, uh, yea, being listed next to Waxman is amazing. (I love that man, too!)

  2. Amber

    How awesome to see your photo in there like that!!! Congrats, sounds like great class. (Also, there is a place called the Academy of Culinary Education nearby so my heart leapt a little when I read it wrong and thought you were heading to California.)

  3. MIL

    This is really very exciting. You are doing a great job of promoting your book. Hope to see the second one soon. You must send a signed copy to Leah. I’m sure she will love it.

  4. Jan Udlock

    Wow, Deb! Look at you! Congratulations. Did you ever think you’d be an author and an instructor? Pour yourself into those new mamas. You will be fabulous.

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