5 responses to “Spread the Word: Election Day Sandy Fundraiser Bake Sale”

  1. Nancie McDermott

    Thank you for going. Thank you for coming back with this story. Thank you for the bake sale. I will donate to Occupy Sandy and share this and that and all that you put out here all around my online ‘town’. I loved that you noted the gift of chili. They offered YOU chili! Yes.

  2. Jackie

    Thanks Debbie for sharing this albeit heart breaking story of hope and the spirit of both the victims and New Yorkers.
    I’ll share this! Big Hugs!


  3. salted caramel blondies and an election day bake sale for victims of sandy | brooklyn supper

    […] soon to volunteer, but in the meantime we’ve baked up these salted caramel blondies for a bake sale today at PS 84 from 4 – 6:30, on the corner of Berry and Grand in Williamsburg, to support those affected […]

  4. Teachers and students use Election Day to aid with Sandy relief | GothamSchools

    […] opportunity to involve our kids, especially the younger ones,” parent leader Debby Koenig wrote on her blog. “I wanted to include [my son], to show him how important it is to help others, so I came up […]

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