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  1. Brette Sember

    I started my prep on Sunday, making pie crust and cornbread (for stuffing). Tomorrow is turkey brining day. This year I am making two turkeys: one with gluten-free stuffing and gravy. And I’m making 4 pies: 3 regular, one gluten-free.

  2. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.

    You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I looooove the Thanksgiving prep as much as the actual meal! And I’m listening to Christmas music while I make tonight’s pies, gouda-walnut biscotti for nibbles, and Chex Mix for Dan. But now I want to make pumpkin rolls too!

  3. Ellen

    I wish I could get that creative with Thanksgiving! My husband’s family (who we have over every year) has lived for generations on packaged convenience foods and PREFERS them to the real deal. I have some leeway with the turkey seasonings, but then it’s Stove Top stuffing, canned green beans, corn, and cranberry sauce, refrigerator biscuits and a Sara Lee pie. I draw the line at instant mashed potatoes, though – those I make from scratch. I might also make the sweet potato gnocchi you posted a link to earlier this year. Viva la resistance! 🙂

  4. KitschenBitsch

    I make all the casseroles and veg sides and transport them to Mom and Daddy’s, where Mom handles the turkey, dressing, starch, bourbon pecan pie, and carrot cake. I’ll be making green bean casserole, squash casserole (full of tragic premade Pepperidge Farm stuffing and cream soup, but WE HAVE TO HAVE IT), carrots, butternut squash-sweet-and-yukon potato gratin, garlic green beans. The kicker? There are only SIX of us. It’s an insane tradition. This is the first year I’ve finished my grocery shopping two days in advance and I hope to have everything prepped to the baking point tomorrow…we’ll see! Surely I forgot something…

  5. KitschenBitsch

    (Oh, yeah. Sweet potato souffle, half with praline topping, half with marshmallows.)

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