11 responses to “Gnocchi in Butternut Procrastination Sauce”

  1. Jen at Ovuline

    This looks so good! I love butternut squash… And I especially love any recipe that can be cooked in one dish!

  2. bethanyg

    Wow. Just wow. We made this for dinner tonight for much the same reasons (near-dead squash and blood oranges) and it was absolutely incredible. It’s absolutely genius!

  3. patrickrhone / journal » Blog Archive » A Dinner Idea

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  4. Alice Rudin

    Made this last night, Left off the Parsley and Parmesan because I’m too lazy, but it was YUMMY!!! My kids wouldn’t touch it, but they don’t know anything! It will be a repeat in our house! Thanks!
    I’m just wondering, would it be just as good with regular orange, or no orange? I juiced a blood orange by hand, though it gave me a lovely hue to my hands (and countertop) it didn’t lend much juice…

  5. Alice Rudin

    Thanks Debbie, I love the blog!!and the recipes!

  6. sandra

    I wish I could eat this right now. Blood orange sauce is a great twist on the usual butter sauce. I love it.

  7. Nancy

    Ok, I didn’t use the right pan so I’m sure that was my issue. But just for future reference, how does the stainless steel pan help?

  8. Christina O'Connor

    Brilliant! And I love the cookbook idea!

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