5 responses to “The Easiest Way to Pit Cherries”

  1. Monique Alcott

    Mind blown. Life improved. Thank you.

  2. Theresa

    Last spring (I’m in CA) we picked something like 18 lbs of cherries. It completely filled a giant bucket and when I got home my bottom crisper drawer of the refrigerator. I used the beer bottle/chopstick method for my first pie. Empty beer bottle either on cutting board or in shallow bowl for the minimal juices. Center cherry on top of bottle. Poke a chopstick through it. The pit will go into your bottle with minimal juice splatter. I have to say though, after that first pie I ordered an OXO cherry pitter. I went on to make brandied cherries, cherry liquor, another cherry pie, cherry chocolate scones, etc, etc. My absolute favorite recipe though was the roasted cherry goat cheese ice cream. Amazing.

  3. Alice

    Love cherries! I did a week’s worth of ideas to work with cherries for the recent blogathon. A cherry pitter is just a genius piece of kitchen equipment.


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