7 responses to “Chives in her Baby’s Hair: A Q&A with Clotilde Dusoulier”

  1. Stephie

    Great interview! C&Z was the first food blog I ever read too. Still going strong and great to read after all these years.

  2. Anita

    I love Chocolate and Zucchini! Debbie, I think I bought Clotilde’s cookbook because of you. And I was similarly charmed by her writing and her recipes. Her name is Clotilde! Her sweetheart is Maxence! It was all so fanciful and fantastic to me, but also delicious and homey. Thank you for sharing this interview/update!

  3. Anne-Liesse

    Clotilde is one of the French food bloggers that inspired me to start my food blog, too, back in 2007. I know her personally – lucky me ! – and have interviewed her on my blog, too, but your interview is quite interesting and enlightening about how to keep on a normal working – and cooking – life as a young mother, Debbie.

    I wish I had thought about asking her those questions officially, really ! – We did talk about them over lunch as I’m a young mother myself. Which makes me think I could translate the interview into French and publish it on my blog if you – and Clotilde – are OK with it, of course. Thanks for your answer, Debbie !

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  5. Sarah

    Great interview!

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