2 responses to “Five Simple Rules for Healthy Cooking”

  1. Liz

    Hi, Debbie – I asked my Facebook friends last week what they considered a ‘healthy’ diet, and I was interested to note that their responses were very similar to your rules – lots of fruit and veg, minimal processed food, low sugar, etc. I was interested that NOBODY mentioned calories at all. Everybody considered variety and moderation (erm… what’s that again?!?) to be the key. Of course the perennial question is always: if I know how to cook delicious, healthy food and I actually ENJOY said delicious, healthy food… why do I so often find myself eyebrows-deep in a bag of crisps/chocolate?!?!!?!

    By the way, your Lego/Starwars cake was AWE-inspiring!!! Well done, you!

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