A Most Exciting Development (Well, Two of Them, Actually)

I’ve been avidly reading about the various Is My Blog Burning events for some time now. The launch of Words to Eat By barely missed the last one (terrines) so I’ve been anxiously awaiting word of the next theme. Just yesterday, though, I discovered an event that speaks even more directly to my candy-coated heart: Sugar High Fridays. Run by the inimitable Domestic Goddess Jennifer, it seems to be pretty much the same idea as IMBB only entirely dedicated to all things sweet. The first one, dedicated to white chocolate, was held earlier this month. While I was disappointed not to be in on it from the beginning, I must admit that I was glad not to have to make something with WC–it’s one of my Chocolate Snob pet peeves. It isn’t chocolate, people! It’s like eating a blob of congealed sugar butter. Reading the recap was great fun, though, and My Little Kitchen’s Chocolate Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sherbet sounded pretty damn good. I wondered how long I’d have to wait for the next SHF to be announced, and even posted a query to that effect. But today I noticed that–duh–DG had already written about the next theme, and somehow I’d missed it. Apples! This is truly exciting. I love apples–my mom makes a killer Apple Cake for Rosh Hashanah every year, and I’ve always been disappointed that I can’t seem to get the knack of pie crust. But S doesn’t care for cooked apples, so for most of the time we’ve been together my opportunities for experimentation have been slim (I’m not about to make a whole pie and eat it myself, intentionally…). At last, an excuse! We’re going to a party tomorrow night and I think I may make some Apple Spice Cupcakes to bring along.

The other, even more thrilling news, also via Domestic Goddess: The next IMBB is all about cookies! (I’m not a big fan of exclamation points, really, but I’m having a hard time limiting myself to only putting one at the end of that sentence.) Cookies are my all-time, absolute favorite thing to bake. It’s another opportunity to revisit childhood, I guess, when tearing open a taxi-yellow bag of Nestle chocolate morsels meant not only hours of fun baking, but also several days of chewy, chocolatey treats. I have a huge binder filled with cookie recipes I’ve cut out over the years, most of which I’ve never even tried. Choosing which one to bake will be a challenge, indeed. But a fun one! Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderful early holiday gift.