My First Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

My First Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

S and I were lucky enough to be invited to view the parade from a friend’s third-floor apartment on Central Park West. I’ve lived in NY all my life–grew up in the suburbs, and in the city for 15+ years–and I’ve never actually seen this shit live before. It’s pretty mind-blowing when the giant balloons go right by the window…

S and I have been Spongebob fans since the early thirties. Have you seen the film yet? Tons o’fun.

I don’t even know who this is, really, but the sky was so beautiful behind him (it?)…

Every fat girl’s nightmare…a bazillion cheerleaders.

Kermit is freakin’ HUGE, man.

These last two I took for my nieces:

Now we’re off to my parents’ in Westchester for a small Thanksgiving–just five of us, but I’m quite certain they’ve cooked for at least eleven. Happy turkey, all.