A Huge Thank-You to Charlie Suisman at Manhattan User’s Guide

Of the handful of e-newsletters to which I subscribe, there are two whose content I find invaluable enough to forward to others nearly every week. One is Chowhound’s Chownews, to which I’ve already devoted several hundred words in these pages. The other is Charlie Suisman’s Manhattan User’s Guide. Whether he’s highlighting the best place to get a chair reupholstered or a fascinating but little-known corner of Bed-Stuy, I know that if MUG is recommending something, it’s worth checking out. If you aren’t already a subscriber, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Which is why I’m so incredibly flattered to be included in today’s round-up of food blogs. Many of the others he mentions are ones I’ve been reading for some time–you’ll see links to them on the left-hand side of this screen–but true to form, he also introduced me to some I’d never heard of before, like Salli Vates and Cityrag. So it seems I owe Charlie a thank-you not just for including me, but also for enlightening me.

Cheers, Charlie.

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