UPDATE It’s an Honor Just to Be Nominated…


Never imagined in a million years I’d have the opportunity to say that, but thanks to you Words to Eat By is a finalist for Best New Blog in the inaugural Food Blog Awards, organized by Kate at The Accidental Hedonist.

UPDATE: I received an email from Kate earlier today alerting me to the fact that the polls are now open, and will remain open until December 31. The ballot is on the upper right corner of the screen, and Best New Blog is near the end of the poll. I hope you’ll take the time to vote in each category, but if you’re in a rush and you’d like to go straight to “my” category, here’s a quick link.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Creating this blog has been an incredibly satisfying experience, and not just because it gives me the chance to show off my faux-humility. The process of thinking about food, about cooking, and stirring up all those memories, is equal parts exhilarating and humiliating. I haven’t told my family, or S’s, about my blog yet, since I’m not sure how they’ll react. Only my youngest brother, G, who has both web expertise and a high level of trustworthiness, is in on my little secret. Him, and S, and you.

In case you’re wondering why I said faux-humility just now: because it’s kind of pathetic how much I’d like to win.