Mazel Tov, Tiny Fork!

The final list of winners for the 2004 Food Blog Awards were announced yesterday over at The Accidental Hedonist (thanks again, Kate, for organizing this whole mishegoss. What a lot of work!). You may recall that Words to Eat By was a finalist for Best New Blog. Well, I didn’t win, but that’s because the lovely Fae over at Tiny Fork did. I’m sure this sounds just the teeniest bit disingenuous, and I’m glad there’s no camera on me while I watch Fae make her way to the podium for her acceptance speech, but she really did deserve it. Tiny Fork is a rich, vibrant source of information and recipes, and Fae’s voice shines through in every post.

My other competitors–Clement at A La Cuisine, Sam at Becks & Posh, and Jon at Nosh-Blog–are inspiring additions to an exciting, growing community of food-lovers. I mean it when I say, it was an honor to be in their company on the nominee list.

And now that we’re done with all the excitement of the inaugural Food Blog Awards, it’s time for the big mama awards: the all-category, world-o-blogs Bloggies. They’ve added a food blog category this year, which is thrilling, but it doesn’t mean you can’t nominate your favorite food blogs in other appropriate categories as well. Nominations close on Monday, so get yours in before it’s too late!