All Hail Le Creuset Tres Grand!

Psst! New Yorkers: Broadway Panhandler is having a sale on Le Creuset.

I’ve been coveting a great big one for years—it was the most expensive single item on our wedding registry, and boo hoo nobody sprang for it. We already own several dutch ovens, so the idea of laying down my own cold hard cash always seemed a little too decadent for my wallet. Instead, I daydreamed about the large, marvelously heavy pot, braises and stews bubbling away in its commodious enameled interior, the Heirloom Pot I’d pass on to my future foodie child. In quiet moments I’d do a quick search on ebay, where I’d heard bargains could be found, but somehow I could never get myself to make that click and buy one. On egullet I learned about Caplan Duval, where the discounts are deep. Still couldn’t take the plunge. For some reason, purchasing a pot like this would only be acceptable if I had to do some work for it—that is, if I had to physically go to a store and lug the damn thing home. Yeah, I know, I’m crazy. Super-heavy pots like this are what online shopping was created for. But still…

And then I saw it. An ad in the Times’ food section, announcing up to 65% off my fantasy pot. This was it. My time had come. I had a date with destiny.

(Cue chorus of angels)

I bought the nine-quart round oven. Can I just say how insanely heavy this pot is? What was I thinking, that it was a good idea to shlep this on the subway? By the time I got it home my arms burned, my back was aching, and I was out of breath. At least now I know what it’ll feel like if I gain another twenty pounds…

And online later that night, I found the kicker: at Caplan Duval, I could’ve gotten it for $20 less, including shipping.