Digital Camera Blues

It looks like my digital camera died this morning. It’s a Canon PowerShot A80, had it for about 18 months (so it’s out of warranty). I made pizzelles this morning (I’ll write that up later) and took some snaps to show you all, and when I turned the camera off the lens refused to retract. The little preview screen showed an error message: E18. A quick search online shows this to be a costly thing to fix, and apparently something that may continue to occur even after being repaired. Lots of complaints about it, in fact. Sigh.

So, anybody got a good digital camera to recommend? 4 megapixels, easy to use (I’m no pro), etc…

UPDATE: I just found a forum online in which a guy said he tapped his camera gently in the palm of his hand and it fixed the problem. I tried it, and what do you know, it worked! Hopefully my much-loved camera will continue to work and eventually die after a long, happy life.