Orange Cauliflower?!

Found these pretty babies at the farmstand in south Jersey today (it’s between the pretzel place and my father-in-law’s house). I’ve never seen orange cauliflower before, have you? They were only 75 cents each, so I figured it was worth a shot—I assume they’re going to taste just like the regular variety.

When we got home I did a quick google, and discovered that orange cauliflower is a relatively new, supposedly healthier variety, developed at Cornell just a year or two ago. The color doesn’t merely up the attractiveness factor (in fact, I was always quite fond of the snowy white florets), it also boosts the vegetable’s vitamin A some twenty-five times. So it’s nice-looking and good for you—how often does that happen?

At first I thought I’d make pasta with roasted cauliflower, figs, and mint, since we loved it so much and we haven’t had it since the warmer weather took hold. But now I’m thinking maybe we should try something that plays off its color more. Any ideas? I’ve also got zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes (red and green), red and yellow onions, flat parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, and basil to play with, in addition to pantry staples.

Seriously, suggest away. I’m too pooped to be creative tonight…