PSA: The Food Blog Awards 2005

Yesterday I got an email from my mom with a link to the Weblog Awards, and all she had to say about them was “Why is there no food blog category?” (And she added a few dozen extra question marks, just for emphasis.) Before I could even craft an adequately thoughtful response, Kate at the Accidental Hedonist announced the opening of nominations for the second annual Food Blog Awards!

Words to Eat By was a finalist last year for Best New Blog, and it was quite a thrill–I’d only been blogging for a few months back then, so any little bit of recognition was sweet. The whole enterprise is rewarding, in fact–personally, I love the idea that the we food blogs are somehow a world unto ourselves. Having our own awards is homey and friendly and fun.

The nominations are open to everyone, not just bloggers, so if there are any food blogs that you read and love, click on through to the Food Blog Awards and nominate away! You’ll see a list of categories, and when you click through you can name your favorites in the comments section of each one. Nominations close on December 16, so time’s a wastin’…

Now, off to think about who I’ll nominate… So many to choose from…

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