And Finally, the Kitchen Is Done

And Finally, the Kitchen Is Done

Not a lot of cooking going on here lately—Stephen’s been laying a new kitchen floor, the last remaining project in our DIY kitchen renovation, which I first blogged about OVER A YEAR AGO. Last night when I strolled in after work, he was attaching the new molding, the last piece of the puzzle. It’s done! Finally. Here are some before-and-after shots for the curious…

Our old floor was a cheap sheet of vinyl that had tears and cracks and never—no matter how much I scrubbed—looked clean.

The new floor is faux-Pergo that we got at Costco. Hey, it’s a rental!

Some major water damage near our back door created a couple of days extra work—Stephen had to dig down an extra layer through the old stuff and replace the material that had warped.

Now…smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to walk into our kitchen now. At last, I feel like a grown-up—living in a real home with (relatively) nice things. And sweeping is fun, when it actually looks clean afterwards…

Hopefully I’ll start cooking (and blogging) again in the next few weeks—I’ve got much to tell, but no time to tell it.