Bring on the Chametz!

Bring on the Chametz!

What does it say about me that I’ve been dreaming of a chewy, cheesy, greasy, salty slice of pizza for the last week?

A short list of things I plan to eat in the near future:

Pizza • pumpernickel bagel (scooped out, since the outside’s the best part) • pasta with a simple tomato-basil sauce • black lentil stew • some good crusty bread from Napoli bakery on Metropolitan (ok, I just had some of this and it was gooooood) • oatmeal pancakes • homemade risotto, a special request from Stephen • oven-fried chicken cutlets • mmm, popovers • a chocolate chip cookie from City Bakery (just one, I promise) • blue corn tortilla chips straight out of the bag • curry roasted chick peaschewy cocoa fudge cookies • grilled polenta with sautéed mushrooms or maybe marinara & parmesan • spaetzleAmerican chop suey • one really good brownie, of the fudgy variety • sesame noodles with shredded chicken • nibblings from the bread basket in a nice restaurant • chocolate pizzelles • French toast • couscous • a homemade biscuit with fig jam from Egg

A few things I won’t be eating again for another year:

Matzo • egg matzo • matzo farfel • Tam Tam crackers • chocolate-covered coconut macaroons • any other kind of coconut macaroon, if it comes from a can • matzo brei • potatoes (ok, maybe I’ll eat them before next year, but it’ll be at least a week before I can stomach them again)

If you kept kosher for Passover, what are you dreaming of eating?