The New Mom’s ORGANIZED Pantry

The New Mom’s ORGANIZED Pantry

Maybe you’ve taken my advice (and the extremely helpful comments) to heart and stocked up on items for your New Mom’s Pantry. I know, it’s a lot of stuff! And maybe you’re like me, and you’re nowhere near as organized as you think you are. Maybe your pantry now looks a little something like this:

Jam-packed, jumbled, and just about unworkable. The shelves are so deep that even with dividers and risers and the like, which I carefully selected and installed before I moved in with Stephen, I still have a ridiculously hard time keeping track of what’s in there. As a result, the less-frequently-used items have pretty much become never-used items. I think there are some cans of soup from 2003 back there.

And even more embarrassing is the snack shelf:

Can you tell what’s in there? Me neither.

Luckily, Amanda Wiss, the Organization Expert at A Child Grows in Brooklyn, was inspired by my New Mom’s Pantry post and wrote a pantry post of her own, and it’s a beaut: How to Organize a Pantry is filled with smart, useful ideas for making your pantry easier to use. Who doesn’t need something that’s easier to use?

You know, I must really love you guys. First I expose the inside of my freezer for all to see, and now my pantry. It’s like one of those dreams, where you’re standing naked in front of your entire high school class. *shudder*