So Long

Tomorrow morning before the crack of dawn (seriously, we’re getting up at 5), Stephen will be driving me and junior to the airport. Harry and I are on our way to Columbus, Ohio, home of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni’s just got a flurry of publicity here in NYC because Jeni will be shipping small batches of her apparently fabulous stuff to one fancy shmancy market here in Brooklyn. The price: $10 a pint! Yowza. I think we’ll be eating as much of this as we can while we’re there and leave it at that. Although if it’s as good as it sounds (the Dark Chocolate is described as “A chocolate made with the most amount of chocolate and the least amount of anything else”), I may just be reporting back here that it’s worth $10 a pint.

So, anywhere else in Columbus we should hit? We’re staying with friends so we don’t have a ton of control over where we go, but they’re adventurous… And while we’re at it, any tips on flying with toddlers would be most appreciated. Harry’s really the unpredictaboy lately, so I have no idea what to expect from his first flight.

We’ll be back Monday night, so don’t look for anything new here until Tuesday at least.

Oh, and check out Mommy Poppins on Friday for a guest post by me!