1st Annual Foodbuzz Food Blog Awards: Nominations Are Open

Here’s a bit of exciting news: Foodbuzz, a genuinely fun site for anyone interested in food or food blogs, has just announced the creation of their first annual Foodbuzz Food Blog Awards. I know, there’s the teensiest possibility that the world doesn’t need another series of food blog awards. But I’m a member of Foodbuzz and it’s all in good fun. Nominations are being accepted from today (September 14) through September 30. And anyone can enter a list of nominations, whether or not you’re a member of Foodbuzz, whether or not you’re a food blogger yourself. So what are you waiting for?

But before you click over there, I thought you might like to see who’s on my own personal list of nominations:

Best Overall Blog: Wasabimon
Best New Blog: Frugal Kiwi
Best Wine Blog: I, uh, didn’t nominate one. Wine blogs aren’t my thing, I guess.
Best Cocktail/Spirits Blog: See Best Wine Blog.
Best Baking Blog: 17 and Baking
Best Food Photography Blog: The Pioneer Woman
Best Visual Blog (graphic design): Ezra Pound Cake
Best Writing Voice: Martha and Me
Best Healthy Living Blog: Cheap Healthy Good
Best Green/Sustainable blog: Wicked Tasty Harvest
Best Family Blog: Words to Eat By, of course.
Best Recipe Blog: Almost Slowfood
Best Blogger Humanitarian Effort: I’m drawing a blank here. Embarrassing.
Best Community Blog Effort (recognizing blogging groups/challenges/etc): Tuesdays with Dorie
Most Humorous Food Blog: Diary of the Food Whore

One thing to note: Only one nomination list per person is allowed. Be sure you’ve got all your nominations ready before you start!

And if you wouldn’t mind, howsabout nominating Words to Eat By for Best Family Blog? I’d be ever so grateful.