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Now THIS Is Fun with Fondant

Remember all my posts from last August, about my first experience with fondant, making Harry’s Handy Manny birthday cake? Well, here’s a kid’s cake that puts mine to shame. Homemade fondant, people, and stunning, professional-looking results.

If you’re the parent of a youngun and haven’t yet stumbled across Filth Wizardry, you’ve got some fun in store. I only found it recently, and I’m in awe. The crafts! The projects! The creativity oozing out of every post! If I weren’t so up-front about my lack of crafty talent, I might feel inadequate. Seriously, poke around some over there and tell me you’re not impressed.

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  1. Wow. That is amazing…what's the difference between marshmallow fondant and regular fondant? Aren't both kind of sugar paste base?

    Either way you have to have a lot of patience…which I don't have.

  2. Never in a million years could I be that crafty. Never. What a great site.

  3. Jess, to be perfectly honest I don't know what the difference is! I think the marshmallow fondant they're talking about is a shortcut to homemade, since it starts out with store-bought marshmallows. I just went all store-bought with mine, which can't possibly taste as good as even a semi-homemade version.

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