Linkety Split

Nearly five years ago, I wrote about Philadelphia German Butter Cake (fittingly enough, when another Philly team was in the finals for their sport). Today, the NY Times takes on the St. Louis version.
Some exciting news for pizza-loving North Brooklynites: friend of Slice Paulie Gee is opening in Greenpoint’s old Paloma space. Kenny’s, Fornino, Morotino, Roberta’s, and now Paulie’s? We are awash in artisanal pizza.
How to eat a chicken wing with little or no mess. I couldn’t care less (ick) but Stephen is a winghound, so this is for him.
The Apple Cake I blogged about for Rosh Hashanah rocks. But if you’re looking for one that uses dairy, I’d say Pinch My Salt has a winner.
Don’t believe I’ve ever eaten raw kale, but this recipe for Kale Slaw with Peanut Dressing from The Kitchn sure is tempting.
God Hates Shrimp. (Warning: Don’t click through if you, y’know, don’t like equality for everyone.)
Not exactly food-related, but Nestle’s involved: They’re funding a new playground in Williamsburg. With a train theme! Harry’s going to LOVE IT.

And not at all food-related, but vitally important: Lloyd Dobler takes over NYC, and I miss it?!

I’m thinking about making this Linkety Split thing a regular feature on Words to Eat By. Thoughts, anyone? Leave a comment!