Five Questions About The Biggest Loser

I confess, I still watch. Back when it premiered, I had some choice things to say about it, but the show proved me wrong. So I kept tuning in. I celebrated when Matt proposed to Suzy (and I love that they’re still together, with kids and whatnot). And tonight I shed more than a few tears, especially when Danny kicked Rudy’s butt to win big. But I’ve also got some questions…

1. What the heck happened to Tracey? She was always kinda scary looking, but now she looks like a man wearing a wig. Even more scary.

2. Who told Rebecca a minidress was a good idea? I know, I know, I shouldn’t criticize someone who’s done such an amazing job, but after I lost 100 lbs I was uber-conscious of how I looked in clothes. If I had even an inkling that my stretched-out skin was visible, I wore something else. Sister looked fabulous from the waist up, but that hem could’ve used another 3 inches.

3. What about the whole Rebecca-Daniel romance? Over already? I just saw them on some stupid show last week making googoo eyes at each other (and making out on camera, ugh).

4. Shay. Is it mean if I say I’m tired of her? I was tired of her long ago, actually. I’m glad they only invited her for the finale of season 9, not the actual competition.

5. Where’s Danny’s skin flab? How did he lose 239 pounds in 7 months without massive wings of skin flapping off his arms, legs, belly? Heck, it took me 3 years to lose that weight, by the end I was ripped and had only 15% body fat, but my arms were still crepey.

There you have it. My questions. Got any answers, or questions of your own? Post a comment!

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  1. Alisa Bowman

    I don't have any answers and I don't even understand the questions because I don't watch the show, but WAY TO GO on losing that much weight. Someone once told me that weight loss is one of the hardest things any human ever accomplishes. Now that I'm trying to lose just three or so pounds so I can fit into my clothes again (do not have the money to buy a new, larger wardrobe at the moment) I have to agree.

  2. debbie koenig

    Thanks, Alisa. I agree with your friend: losing all that weight was about the hardest thing I ever did. Well, that and dealing with infertility. Fun!

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