What’s Your Favorite Pesto?

What’s Your Favorite Pesto?

This morning I’m playing with pesto variations. Which, since I didn’t exactly plan to be doing this, required a quick run to the Union Square greenmarket for herbs. Which is where I found this beaut.

Seriously, have you ever seen such an exquisite bouquet of basil? And in addition to its out-and-out prettiness, it’s organic and hydroponic. Translation: I don’t even have to wash the leaves; they’re good to go.

Plus, each bunch came with a sweet little knob of roots and dirt attached, which the farmer instructed me to put in a vase with just a bit of water. Change the water every day, and I should get nearly two weeks out of this one purchase.

I don’t think it’ll last that long, though. As I said, I’m playing with pesto. In addition to the basil, I also picked up some flat-leaf parsley, mint, thyme, and rosemary. My stash of nuts is pretty extensive, and I’ve got probably a half-dozen different oils to play with. It’s time to get busy…

But before I go, a question: What’s your favorite non-traditional pesto?