Weight Watchers Update


April 10, 2010


August 23, 2010

Stephen hit goal last week! He’s lost an astonishing 40 pounds in 4 months. Honestly, I didn’t even realize he had that much to lose. My husband’s a hottie, folks.

As for me, I’m down 24 pounds. Nothing to sneeze at, right? I’m not quite at goal, though I’m only 3 pounds from my wedding weight, where I thought I should be. Giving birth to that adorable child has apparently changed my body more than I realized; I’m at least 10 pounds away from fitting into my wedding dress. I can’t blame Harry completely, though. Back then I was working out 3 times a week, sometimes more, so my body had a lot more muscle than it does now. A lot. I haven’t exercised regularly since 2006, people! And since muscle weighs more than fat even while it takes up less space, the scale isn’t the only way to gauge what a weight-loss goal should be.

Disappointing, but I’ll just keep going until I get there. And I’ll write another note to self: EXERCISE, DUMMY.