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Starting Monday: Holiday Goodies Week!

Last week was Soup Week here at Words to Eat By. I must be digging this whole theme-y thing, because next week I’ve got a whole new leitmotif: stuff to buy for the holidays. Fun stuff, unique stuff, groovy stuff, yummy stuff, a new find every day (even on Thanksgiving!). It might be something to make your life as a cook easier, or the perfect gift—for others, for your kid, even for yourself. I’ll be writing about products I know and love, all of which are made by small, sometimes tiny, companies. None of them came to me through PR contacts; these are things I use and endorse.

The best part: all Holiday Goodies Week posts come with special offers that I set up with the vendors just for you, my readers. Consider that my holiday gift to you.

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  1. NoPotCooking

    I can't wait to see these items!

  2. Jennifer Margulis

    I'm planning to give goodies this holiday season so I'm looking forward to your week of posts!

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