Short & Oh So Sweet: Strawberry Frosting

Short & Oh So Sweet: Strawberry Frosting

This one’s so quick, so easy, so pretty, and so bang-for-the-buck delicious that I’m not even going to write up a big fancy post about it. Turns out it’s amazingly simple to make fruity frosting with very little extra effort, whatever flavor you’d like to make—just so long as you can find that flavor in a jar of jam.

Yup, it’s a cheat. But a really good one.

Strawberry Frosting

Ingredients for 1 recipe, your favorite frosting (I like Sara’s Foolproof Frosting)
One 12-ounce jar of strawberry jam (use a good one, with only ingredients you recognize)

  1. Prepare the frosting as usual, but use a little less liquid than it calls for—you want it to be fairly thick.
  2. Put the contents of the jar in a food processor or blender, and whir until it’s smoothish (I left some small lumps, as you can see above). Use a spatula to stir it gently into the frosting, about 1/3 at a time, until it reaches the consistency, color, and flavor you’re looking for.
  3. Frost your goodies.
MAKE BABY FOOD: So texturally, this is perfect for babies. OTOH, it’s a metric buttload of powdered sugar, with still more sugar in the jam. No. Babies do not need added sugar. If your wee’un swipes a fingerful that’s ok, but please don’t feed this to her intentionally.